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    Hero/Heroine names

    I need help choosing names for my main guy and girl.

    Girl (17):
    She is very smart, at the top of her class. She is quietly pretty and doesn't do much to enhance her appearance (mascara every now and then). She is confident in herself but is an introvert. She has one very good friend (Eliana Jones) and a little sister (name and age undetermined). She is very close with her parents. She attends an expensive private school where her father teaches; she is a little bit of an outcast because of her family's income. She knows a little about a lot and is somewhat of a goody two shoes. She plays piano and loves kids. She is of average height and her hair/eye color will depend on her name. She is very nice and generous. She has two dogs, MacAlister and MacGregor. Her mother is an assistant to a powerful attorney.

    Austen Archer
    Guinevere Moon
    Eden Prince
    Kate London

    Boy (17):
    He is a wealthy only child. His mother owns a successful floral franchise, and his father "works" for his own father at his Fortune 500 company. Theirs is a marriage of convenience; neither one is faithful. When he was younger, he tried to gain their love, but now he just avoids them. He goes to the same school as the girl. 90% of the students are wealthy like him, but he has no friends. He can be bossy when he talks at all, but he is not shy by any means. He has gotten in trouble for arguing with teachers. He has a fascination with ancient history. He is smart but doesn't apply himself.

    Maxfield King
    Jack Whitfield
    Declan Dallas

    Even if you give me new suggestions, please still pick one of mine Sorry for the long post and thanks for your help!
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    I really like Eden Prince. The others just don't have the same bang or give me the feel of the character the same way. Eden is a great name and fits your description to a T in my mind.

    For the boy I like Jack Whitfield a lot, not really fond of the other two. Jack doesn't feel perfect, but it's very good. I could see that name with that character. Others....maybe Beau, Jasper, Zeke, Finn, Will, Vaughn,
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    I really like Guinevere Moon and Eden Prince, but I honestly don't think they suit the character you described. (Eden is perfect without the Prince though.)
    Some other suggestions:
    Eden Fern
    Katherine Chloe
    Victoria Eden

    I like Jack Whitfield, although I think Jacob would work better for a full name, and his peers call him Jack or something?

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    I like Kate London for the girl and Maxfield King for the boy.
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    I would choose Kate London and Jack Whitfield, but i don't find them fitting with the description you've written. But here are a few of my own for you to look at;

    Meredith Humphreys
    Cordelia Vaughn
    Violet Bellamy
    Florence Williams
    Verity Turner


    Alistair Remington
    Theodore Archer
    William Atherton
    Sebastian Fitzgerald
    Charles Beckett
    Joseph Darwin

    Hope this helps you.
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