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Thread: Teddy

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    Apr 2012
    Tedmond/Tedmund- I know a Tedman but I prefer a D at the end

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    I love Teddy... I think Theodore is the best, but my hubby wouldn't go for it!

    Edison/Eddison is nice.

    Edwin? Edsel? Tedford?

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    Apr 2011
    Definitely Theodore, nn Teddy!! It's at the top of my list -- one of my loves!! I also like Edison if you want to go the more unique route.

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    Apr 2012
    thanks! i think theodore might be my fav - it also gives the nn theo which i also like

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    Jan 2011
    I found these names as other possibilities. I know a lot of them are out there but I figured I would suggest them just in case.

    DORIN m Romanian
    DUARTE m Portuguese
    EADBHÁRD m Irish
    EADWEARD m Anglo-Saxon
    ED m English, Dutch
    EDDIE m & f English
    EDDY m English
    EDI m Slovene, Croatian
    EDOARDO m Italian
    EDORTA m Basque
    ÉDOUARD m French
    EDUÁRD m Hungarian
    EDUARD m German, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Croatian, Catalan, Dutch, Estonian, Romanian, Georgian, Armenian
    EDUARDO m Spanish, Portuguese
    EDUARDS m Latvian
    EDVÁRD m Hungarian
    EDVARD m Scandinavian, Finnish, Slovene, Czech, Armenian
    EDWARD m English, Polish
    EETU m Finnish
    EIDEARD m Scottish
    EKEWAKA m Hawaiian
    EWART m English
    FADDEI m Russian
    FADDEY m Russian
    FEDIR m Ukrainian
    FEDOR m Russian
    FEDYA m Russian
    FEODOR m Russian
    FYODOR m Russian
    IOLO m Welsh
    IOLYN m Welsh
    IORWERTH m Welsh
    LALO m Spanish
    NED m English
    TAD m English
    TADDEO m Italian
    TADEÁŠ m Czech, Slovak
    TADEJ m Slovene
    TADEO m Spanish
    TADEU m Portuguese
    TADEUSZ m Polish
    TADIJA m Croatian
    TED m English
    TEDDY m English
    TÉO m Portuguese
    TEO m Italian, Spanish, Croatian
    TEODOR m Scandinavian, Romanian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Serbian, Croatian, Slovene, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Macedonian
    TEODORO m Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
    TEODORS m Latvian
    TEUVO m Finnish
    THAD m English
    THADDAEUS m Biblical
    THADDAIOS m Biblical Greek
    THADDEUS m English, Biblical, Biblical Latin
    THEIRN m French
    THÉO m French
    THEO m English, Dutch
    THEODOOR m Dutch
    THEODOR m German, Scandinavian, Czech, Romanian
    THÉODORE m French
    THEODORE m English
    THEODOROS m Greek, Ancient Greek
    THEODORUS m Ancient Greek (Latinized), Dutch
    TIVADAR m Hungarian
    TÓDOR m Hungarian
    TODOR m Bulgarian, Serbian, Macedonian
    TOŠE m Macedonian
    TOSHE m Macedonian
    TUDOR (2) m Romanian
    YORATH m Welsh
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