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    Help me choose between these two names!

    I wanted to set up a poll but I can't figure out how to do it.

    We are still open to looking at other names but keeping coming back to these two. Last name is Irish, 3 syllables and starts with a G and ends in Y. Big sister is Skyler Grace.

    Maxwell Lee
    Gavin Lee

    I like Maxwell/Max better and husband is leaning towards Gavin.

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    I prefer Maxwell, but didn't Jessica Simpson just name her daughter that? Names like Colin, Liam, or Grady seem like plausible options to Gavin - although I do like Gavin too.

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    I like Maxwell Lee. I think it goes better with Skylar

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    I prefer Maxwell. It goes with Skylar and is much better than Gavin to me (I've known some awful Gavins)

    Also, who cares if some B-rate singer/actress names her daughter Maxwell? -- My Amazon Author Page

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