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    I know of sisters named Isabella and Ishabella. Yes. That does say Ishabella.

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    Twin girls: Kara and Kaci

    Twin boys: Aaron and Austin

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    Quote Originally Posted by cece13 View Post
    My best friends mom worked in a hospital where a pair of twins were named Lemonjello and Orangejello. My cousin had friends named Yamaha and Honda who's parents worked in a car shop. I once met a Brooke wich I like as a name but it was weird when I learned her brothers name was River. My moms friends have twins named Annette and Jenette. I could keep going but I will stop there.
    Quote Originally Posted by sugarfoot View Post
    I once met a friend of a friend who named her children Lemongelo and Orangelo after, you guessed it, lemon and orange jello. Apparently they were pregnancy cravings. I could't help but think "ARE YOU F****ING KIDDING Me???!!!"
    I pray that we just happen to live in the same area. Otherwise 2 women named their children this!

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    I met a brother and sister today named Tyler and Taylor. WHY?!
    Name-obsessed future veterinarian who currently only has babies of the feline variety (Sedona, Loki, Oliver, and Penelope). Enjoys doting upon her much younger cousins: Alexandra Michal, Jordan Liam, Evan Jacob, Rachel Mikayla, Aurora Estelle, and the newest addition Charlotte Ann (4/8/13).

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    I just met twins named Brooklyn and Jersey. Yes, Jersey.

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