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    Red face Most awful/unusual names/sibsets you know in real life? :)

    Thought it would be fun to see what strange/unusual/weird or just plain silly names/sibsets we knew of in real life?

    Here are some unusual ones i know;

    Joseph and Joanna

    Harley and Hadley Hail (I personally think this alliteration is awful!!!!)

    Pebbles, Kestrel and Finch

    Rosa Pheonix (I think thats beautiful and unusual to use phoenix! its lovely)

    So what about you and people you know?
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    My mom, a teacher, once had twin girls in her class named Sharing and Caring.
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    Simon and Simon- yes their parents were so imaginative they gave them the same name and the same middle name. I think Simon#2 goes by his middle name (which I can't remember!)
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    Twins called Jade and Jayden.

    Sisters named Rosalily and Miabella. Twin boys named Oscar and Zaiden..What went wrong! I also know of a very mismatched sibset made up of a Timothy, Connor, Jacob, Shona and Jenny-May. None are awful on their own, just sound bad together. Too many different styles smushed together!

    Not real life, but one of the moms from 16 and pregnant named her kid Leah Leanne, which I think is silly. Aliannah and Alleah also spring to mind.

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    I know twins Michael and Michelle.
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