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    Guilty Pleasure Name Game

    Use your guilty pleasure names in the first name slot!
    1. Name twins, genders of your choice
    G/G: Luthien Adelaide & Hermione Elinor

    2. Build a Sibset with your twins, one boy and one girl
    Luthien Adelaide, Hermione Elinor, Faramir Eugene and Cosette Arabella

    3. Now add two more kids to your sibset, gender of your choices
    Luthien Adelaide, Hermione Elinor, Faramir Eugene, Cosette Arabella, Ocean Luke and Courage Hugo

    4. Name siblings using these initials NO VE MB ER, genders of your choice
    Nobel Owen, Valor Edmund, Mighty Brielle and Eowyn Ruth

    5. Rename yourself, using a GPN either as a FN or MN and then keeping your other name's initial

    Georgiana Meredith
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    Oakley Arabella June, Caroline Evony Mae, Adelaide Loxley Joy, Winslow Elinor Cosette, Amory Susannah Lark, Tallulah Elodie Cove, Ayla Guinevere June, Adelaide Anwen Feyre, Indie Lola Wren & Blythe Aveline Odette
    Perseus Callahan Fox, Westley Garrison Hugh, Ellis Bingley Clark, Finlay Kieran Whitfield, Nehemiah Canon Boaz, Declan Alistair Ransom, Huxley Silas Theron, Finnegan Ronan Quest, Lawrence Edwin Clark & Bowen Nathaniel Cade

    "Be Just & Merciful & Brave"

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