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    Feb 2013
    Where the river split in three
    Girl: London Jackie (London the capital of the UK and Jackie or your initial)
    Boy: Cyan Apollo Ben (Cyan being a blue-green color ,Apollo the god of the sun in refrence to summer and Ben for Benjamin)

    1) Silver gray and emerald
    2) Spring and summer
    3) Sweden and Italy
    4) Alexis and Rosalie
    5) ECP
    Just a Quebecer teen obsess with name since her childhood. Aspiring at becoming a writer and my character are my children. Naming them is as important as giving a name to a baby.
    My favorite change all the time
    Current for boy: Reid
    Current for girl: Angelika

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    Jul 2013
    Girl: Valentina Summer
    Boy: Joseph Alexander

    1) Purple
    2) Autumn
    3) Italy, France
    4) Carol
    5) MA

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    Jun 2013
    Viola Caroline (Viola is Italian for "Purple" & Caroline is a variation of "Carol")
    Etienne Marco (Etienne is French & Marco starts with your initials, MA)

    1) White
    2) Summer
    3) Turkey
    4) Rahima
    5) KE
    || Elif Merima Hatidža || Arabela Kada Fatima || Solomija Hadžira Rahima ||
    || Alaga Muhamed Mumin || Rijad Ilijas Mumin || Elham Ibrahim Džan ||

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