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Thread: Name quiz!

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    Name quiz!

    I really love the name quizzes, so I took a shot at making one! The names are related to the answers for all but one answer, though some are pretty roundabout!

    First name--When is your birthday?
    Jan or Dec: Holly, Garnet, Natalia
    Feb or Nov: Violet, Primrose, Autumn
    March or Oct: Heliotrope, Opal, Octavia
    April or Sept: Daisy, Gloria, Aria
    May or Aug: Ezti, Lily, Poppy
    June or July: Rose, Ruby, Pearl

    Middle name--How many pets do you have?
    0-1: Katherine, Calico, Tabitha
    2-3: Charlotte, Akita, Bernita
    4-5: Reba, Marina, Coral
    6+: Corvina, Lark, Starling

    First name--What's your favourite part of Halloween?
    Candy: Clark, Whittaker, Alexei
    Costumes: Casper, Victor, Bram
    Trick-or-treating: Lane, Appian, Jan
    Decorations: Dorian, Stephen, Oscar
    Parties: Herman, Charles, Edward
    Other: Edgar, Ichabod, Wesley

    Middle name--Which type of bird do you prefer?
    Songbirds: Jay, Robin, Martin
    Raptors: Eagle, Phoenix, Hawke
    Flightless: Ferdinand, Cook, Nelson
    Aquatic: Donald, Drake, Fiachra

    First name--What's your favourite type of movie?
    Horror/suspense: Helen, Carrie, Laurie
    Action: Megan, Lisbeth, Hanna
    Comedy: Susan, Janey, Daria
    Romance: Ilsa, Scarlett, Belle
    Documentary: Jane, Gabriela, Marilyn
    Other: Anna, Matilda, Coraline

    Middle name--What letter does your name (or username) start with?
    A-G: Anneliese, Evita, Greta
    H-P: Harley, Louisa, Penelope
    Q-Z: Quvenzhane, Uma, Zanthe

    First name--Do you wear a watch?
    Yes: Armand, Dakota, Hamilton
    No: Quentin, Vito, Gatsby

    Middle name--What's your favourite holiday?
    Halloween: Alistair, Anton, Gerald
    Thanksgiving: Bartholomew, Rolf, Isaac
    Christmas/Hanukkah/other winter celebration: Noel, Abner, Simeon
    Valentine's Day: Valentin, Theodore, Hart
    4th of July or other independence celebration: George, Pearse, Jean
    Other: Pascal, Hayden, Dwight
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