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    2011/2012 Babies

    I saw that a couple other people had done this, so I decided to make a post of babies I know that were born in 2011 or 2012

    1) Aurelia Mae
    2) Inca Rein Isabella and Pax Takeo Oliver (twins)
    3) Leopold Bryan Robert "Leo"
    4) Elsie Bianca Victoria
    5) Lucy Mai, sister for Jaimie Sage
    6) Busby, brother for Neon Dorothy
    7) Maya Malika, sister for Raphael
    8) Daniel Salvatore "Danny", brother for Ethan and Declan
    9) Sunny William (my cousin <3)
    10) Aloysius Edward "Wishy" (my brother <3), brother for Jessie May, Tallulah Rose "Lulu", Ruby Queen, Olive Frances "Ollie", Scarlett Grace and Imogen Plum "Imoo"
    11) Korbin James, brother for Paige Isabelle and Khye Anthony (and baby on the way)
    12) Alizah Crystal, sister for Zeon, Jack, Kaire and Taliah Jayde
    13) Abigail Mai "Abbi"
    14) Molly Katherine, sister for Piper and Lucy
    15) Bethany Grace
    16) Artemis Zoe "Arti"
    17) Orick and Aurora, brother and sister for Ruby Ariella
    18) Noah Antonio, brother for Gabriel and Aria
    19) Blake Banjo
    20) Phoenix Anne, sister for Emmet Dai
    21) Decklin
    22) Miles Alexander, brother for Kate Eliza
    23) Tiger, brother for Stephanie, Marcus and Alannah
    24) Everston, sister for Harper (boy)
    25) Stanley
    26) Chase Carter (named but not born yet)
    27) Eamon Olivier, brother for Conor Michael
    28) Lowki (girl)
    29) Gianluca "Luca", brother for Reuben

    And at least four other women I know are due before the year is up! Sheesh!
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    some are ok names others are wow really/
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    Solomon Jace
    Friedan Henri
    Sullivan Wilde
    Francis Hart
    Phelan Wallace
    Caedmon Wolfe
    Emerich Frost
    Willem Rupert Charles
    Nashua Hartley

    Agatha Helena Pearl
    Cordelia Henrietta Lucille
    Hadassah Francine
    Livia Pearl
    Enid Sylvia Inez/ Gertrude
    Florence Adele
    Agnes Linnea Frances
    Avia Liora Ruth
    Imogen Allegra Edith
    Junia Edith
    Cleora Josephine Helen

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    I love Daniel Salvatore! Also I like Abigail Mai, Noah Antonio, Miles Alexander, Chase Carter.

    Some are just ugh to me though, Lowki on a girl being one of them.
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    What a refreshingly unique list for the most part---All really unusual and fabulous.....THANK GOD---This list gives me hope that so many wonderful new names are coming up!....soooo excited!

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