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    Babysitters' Club Dice CAF

    Name the families of the Babysitters' Club! You can choose whether their spouse is male or female. Then post your family below. Have fun!

    DW: Kristin Amanda Thomas

    DW: Claudia Lynn Kishi

    DW: Mary Anne Spier

    DW: Anastasia Elizabeth McGill

    DW: Dawn Read Schafer

    DW: Mallory Pike

    DW: Jessica Davis Ramsay

    DW: Abigail Stevenson

    DW: Shannon Louisa Kilbourne


    Roll 6-sided dice for surnames:

    Roll 8-side dice for number of children. Roll any dice for gender: odd boy/even girl

    Roll 12-sided dice for spouse & children's names (Roll 2 times, 1 for first, 1 for middle):

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    savannah mary
    auntie of journey & oaklyn
    & nathan, dasha, & mark

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    DW: Kristin Amanda Murphy nee Thomas
    DH: Reed Benjamin Murphy
    - DS: Daniel Arthur Murphy
    - DD: Elly Faye Murphy
    - DD: Sadie Brigit Murphy

    DW: Claudia Lynn Scott-Kishi
    DW: Marina Lauren Scott-Kishi
    - DD: Libby Esmeralda Scott-Kishi
    - DS: Felix Slate Scott-Kishi

    DW: Mary Anne Robbins nee Spier
    DH: Jay Dylan Robbins
    - DS: Odin Sol Robbins
    - DD: Daphne Lilith Robbins
    - DD: Madeline Juliet Robbins
    - DD: Marilyn Clara Robbins
    - DD: Matilda Truly Robbins
    - DS: Jeremiah Martin Robbins

    DW: Anastasia Elizabeth Gallagher nee McGill
    DH: Leo Osiris Gallagher
    - DD: Maia Ingrid Gallagher
    - DS: Jonah Nash Gallager
    - DD: Elizabeth "Betsy" Louise Gallagher
    - DD: Charlotte "Charly" May Gallagher

    DW: Dawn Read Meadows nee Schafer
    DH: Tor Lincoln Meadows
    - DD: Romy Etta Meadows
    - DD: Adeliza Constance Meadows
    - DD: Holliday "Holly" Lucille Meadows
    - DD: Clio Ocean Meadows
    - DS: Cove Alex Meadows
    - DS: Forest George Meadows
    - DD: Luna Snow Meadows
    - DS: Thor Samson Meadows

    DW: Mallory Pike Holmes
    DH: David Lawrence Holmes
    - DD: Joanna Caroline Holmes
    - DS: Andrew William Holmes

    DW: Jessica Davis Munroe nee Ramsay
    DH: Toby Theandros Munroe
    - DD: Marit Rachel Munroe
    - DS: Jude River Munroe
    - DS: Cyrus Robert Munroe
    - DD: Savanna Ria Munroe

    DW: Abigail Stevenson Sosa
    DH: Aed Gregory Sosa
    - DS: Clay Valor Sosa
    - DD: Tabitha Jane Sosa
    - DD: Thea Jasmine Sosa

    DW: Shannon Louisa Macpherson nee Kilbourne
    DH: Charles Fredrik Macpherson
    - DS: Orion Castor Macpherson
    - DS: Phoenix Lir Macpherson
    - DS: Caelum Seth Macpherson
    - DS: Lionel Will Macpherson
    - DS: Otto Jack Macpherson
    - DS: Atlas Flynn Macpherson
    - DD: Fern Coral Macpherson
    savannah mary
    auntie of journey & oaklyn
    & nathan, dasha, & mark

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    DW: Kristin Amanda Guerrero (MN:Thomas)
    DH: Stephano Benedict Guerrero
    DS1: Sebastian Francisco Guerrero
    DS2: Stefan Benjamin Guerrero
    DS3: Given Alphonso Guerrero
    DD1: Mesa Marie Guerrero
    DD2: Ria Catalina Guerrero
    DS4: Sammy Edgar Guerrero
    DS5: Mikael Jonas Guerrero

    DW: Claudia Lynn Sanu (MN:Kishi)
    DH: Paul Marsh Sanu
    DS: Jamie Reuben Sanu

    DW: Mary Anne Bartovics (MN:Spier)
    DH: Jerrik Coby Bartovics
    DS1: Felix Noble Bartovics
    DD1: Savanna Winnie Bartovics
    DS2: Seth Merit Bartovics
    DS3: Peter Isaac Bartovics
    DD2: Brigit Evangeline Bartovics
    DS4: Clay Franklin Bartovics

    DW: Anastasia Elizabeth McGill
    DH: David Lionel Ramsey
    DS1/DS2: Raphael Brook Ramsey/Zachary Slate Ramsey
    DD1: Sophia Eden Ramsey

    DW: Dawn Read Doyle (MN:Schafer)
    DH: Otto Quarry Doyle
    DS1: Orson Nash Doyle
    DS2: William Basil Doyle
    DD1: Ruth Angelina Doyle

    DW: Mallory Desmond (MN:Pike)
    DH: Ariel Uriah Desmond
    DS1: Dylan Flint Desmond
    DS2: Andrew Omar Desmond

    DW: Jessica Davis Ramsay-Snowfield
    DH: Eli Pollux Snowfield
    DS1: Hugo Blaze Snowfield
    DD1/DD2/DD3: Nell Grace Snowfield/Daisy Tiana Snowfield/Thea Pearl Snowfield
    DS2: James Bentley Snowfield

    DW: Abigail Macnab (MN:Stevenson)
    DH: Kit Laurie Macnab
    DD1: Danni Rosalind Macnab
    DS1: Noah Leland Macnab
    DD2: Jane Vanessa Macnab
    DD3: Stevie Meadow Macnab
    DS2: Horus Christopher Macnab
    DS3: Wesley Caelum Macnab

    DW: Shannon Louisa Kilbourne-Jacobs
    DH: Conrad Yul Jacobs
    DS1/DS2: Storm Will Jacobs/Lyric Kenny Jacobs
    DD1: Bella Desdemona Jacobs
    DS3/DS4: Maxim Thomas Jacobs/Montgomery Alexander Jacobs
    DS5: Bartholomew Angus Jacobs
    DD2: Caroline Felicity Jacobs

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    DW: Kristin Amanda Harkiss nee Thomas
    DH: Bracken Milo Harkiss

    DS: Apollo Ebenezer Harkiss


    DW: Claudia Lynn Keene nee Kishi
    DH: Perseus Roger Keene

    DD: Eugenia Susan Keene
    DS: Jupiter William Keene
    DS: Mercury Balder Keene
    DS: Oberon Harry Keene


    DW: Mary Anne Maclaren nee Spier
    DH: Laurence Jeremiah Maclaren

    DS: Edmund Isaiah Maclaren
    DS: Gabriel Atlas Maclaren
    DD: Cecilia Belle Maclaren


    DW: Anastasia Elizabeth McGill
    DW: Helene Daphne Cagiano

    DS: Andrew Malachi McGill-Cagiano
    DD: Edith Isabella McGill-Cagiano
    DS: Hugo Flynn McGill-Cagiano
    DD: Iris Marian McGill-Cagiano
    DS: Casor Nathaniel McGill-Cagiano


    DW: Dawn Read Kelsall nee Schafer
    DH: Humphrey Seth Kelsall

    DD: Alice Daisy Kelsall


    DW: Mallory Trayford nee Pike
    DH: Russell Gideon Trayford

    DS: Francis Dune Trayford
    DD: Minerva Louise Trayford
    DD: Elara Fern Trayford
    DS: Julius Richard Trayford
    DD: Joan Elizabeth Trayford
    DS: Fable Rain Trayford


    DW: Jessica Davis Wallace nee Ramsay
    DH: Timothy Lake Wallace

    DS: Orion Zak Wallace
    DD: Amalia Nell Wallace
    DS: Benjamin Torsby Wallace
    DD: Ariadne Helga Wallace
    DD: Tabitha Janet Wallace
    DD: Maud Carrie Wallace
    DS: Elijah David Wallace


    DW: Abigail Ramsay nee Stevenson
    DH: Phoenix Heath Ramsay

    DD: Rosalind Maureen Ramsay
    DD: Marilyn Storm Ramsay
    DD: Dorothy Ember Ramsay
    DS: Sebastian Lyric Ramsay
    DD: Harriet Judy Ramsay
    DD: Veronica Polly Ramsay


    DW: Shannon Louisa Sinclair nee Kilbourne
    DH: Caliban Erik Sinclair

    DD: Hestia Vivienne Sinclair
    DS: Valour Fabian Sinclair
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    DW: Kristin Amanda Thomas
    DH: James Chase Kraft
    --DS: Dylan James Kraft
    --DD/DS: Meadow Molly Kraft / Noble Nathaniel Kraft
    --DD: Fleur Maisie Kraft
    --DS: Enzo Alex Kraft
    --DS/DD/DD: Jack David Kraft / Thalia Moonlight Kraft / Marina Athena Kraft


    DW: Claudia Lynn Kishi
    DW: Jane Matilda Derose
    --DD: Pippa Audrey Kishi-Derose
    --DS: Leo Jude Kishi-Derose
    --DD/DD/DD: Helena Serene Kishi-Derose / Sophie Maia Kishi-Derose / Emma Andrea Kishi-Derose


    DW: Mary Anne Spier
    DH: River Kenny Jenkins
    --DS: Flynn Phoenix Jenkins


    DW: Anastasia Elizabeth McGill
    DH: Henry Maverick Hollis
    --DD: Lena Cadence Hollis
    --DD: Katie Bethany Hollis


    DW: Dawn Read Schafer
    DW: Vanessa Catherine Malone
    --DD: Elly Isabella Schafer-Malone
    --DS: Alec Caleb Schafer-Malone
    --DD/DD: Thea Luna Schafer-Malone / Sierra Amalia Schafer-Malone
    --DD: Olivia Alexandra Schafer-Malone


    DW: Mallory Pike
    DH: Elijah William Gallagher
    --DD/DD: Delta Sonnet Gallagher / Ariel Brook Gallagher
    --DD/DD: Eve Amelia Gallagher / Ingrid Roxanne Gallagher
    --DS: Moss Stephen Gallagher
    --DD: Charlotte Jasmine Gallagher
    --DS: Orion Frederick Gallagher


    DW: Jessica Davis Ramsay
    DH: Lucky Flint Carmichael
    --DS: Niall Thomas Carmichael
    --DD: Natalie Ocean Carmichael


    DW: Abigail Stevenson
    DH: Reed Gabriel Donovan
    --DS: Charles Jacob Donovan
    --DS: Alexander Benjamin Donovan


    DW: Shannon Louisa Kilbourne
    DH: Miles Andrew Sanford
    --DS: George Jupiter Sanford

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