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    Your name is CHARLOTTE CALLOWAY but your real name is LILY CLAIRE EVANS. You are a top spy in a secret agency called CIA. You have been assigned to take out a rouge agent named GEORGE HENRY THOMPSON. You are reluctant to do this, as GEORGE was your boyfriend at one point. But, an assignment is an assignment and you must do your job.

    You are sent to GREECE to track down GEORGE. You find him alone drinking at a bar, looking as if he is about to pass out. You walk up behind him ready to shoot, but he whirls around before you can fire. GEORGE stumbles out of his chair and collapses into your arms. Meanwhile, a group of old men barge into the bar demanding for a drink. You have no choice but to take GEORGE back to your hotel.

    At the hotel, you cannot get yourself to kill GEORGE. He wakes up in the morning confused and wondering why you were there. You explain your situation and GEORGE says you have to kill him. He would rather be killed by you than any other agent. You take his advice and shoot. You are a ruthless secret agent after all.

    A week later, you are sent to eliminate MICAH ASTRIDGE. He is the leader of a threatening agency, BRID made up of rouge spies. He was CIA’s top spy when you first stared. All you remember of him was a self-absorbed jerk. You are tired of eliminating people on missions, but have no issue with killing him.

    Two weeks later, you are still trying to find MICAH in MEXICO. He is known for his believable disguises and you’re afraid you have to bail the mission. One day, you walk into a bar where he is known to get drunk. You spot him and drink along with him. You end up getting drunk as well, and spend the night at MICAH’s apartment. How could you be so stupid? Every spy knows that you can’t actually get drunk, or get pregnant. You immediately leave, ashamed of what you have done.

    An hour after you leave, MICAH calls you. He is asking where you’ve gone, while you’re wondering how he got your number. You see the chance, and tell him you are getting coffee. Back at his apartment, you wait for the right moment to shoot. You tell MICAH that you are working for CIA and ask why he left. He talks about BRID and says everyone is always doing the missions they want to do. You end up distracted, and almost-like him? Whatever it is, you can’t kill him. JOHN CARTER calls you and asks why it is taking you so long to eliminate MICAH. You lie and say that he is surrounded by civilians. JOHN tells you that you have one more day, otherwise, they will send out another spy to kill MICAH.

    You are torn. For some reason, you just can’t kill MICAH. You think you’re in love. But you don’t want to betray CIA. You decide to stick with your gut and become a rouge agent with MICAH. You leave with MICAH and head to BRID’s headquarters.


    A month later, you are as happy as can be with MICAH, your boyfriend. You start to feel nauseous, but blame it on being back from a mission on a cargo ship. A week later, your new friend RUBY starts to worry. She is in charge of putting people in missions. RUBY thinks you’re pregnant. You deny saying that you have been using birth control. She gives you a pregnancy test, which you reluctantly take. It comes out positive! You are shocked. How did you let yourself get drunk? You think. You tell MICAH and he is speechless. You are both happy, but concerned. You won’t be able to do any more missions. You talk to RUBY who has a 4 year old boy, AXEL. She says she was put in charge of missions because she was pregnant and couldn’t go out in the field. RUBY asks you to help her, and you agree. Just because you’re pregnant, doesn’t mean you can’t be a spy.

    Eight months later, you give birth to a healthy baby girl. Her first name is bad-girl and her middle name is after RUBY who helped you get through your pregnancy. She is already a little spy.

    What is her name? DOMINIQUE RUBY

    You decide to retire from being a spy. As much as you like being in the field, DOMINIQUE comes first. You are excited to get a taste of a normal life.


    Two months after DOMINIQUE is born, tragedy strikes. MICAH is killed on his mission. You are devastated, and so is the entire agency. They elect you as the new leader, but you can’t take the honor. You give it to RUBY and fill her spot. She has been part of the company for 7 years, while you’ve been there for a year. RUBY is surprised and delighted.

    Three years later, BRID has recently added a new member. His name is HENRY. He is one of the best spies to ever leave a government agency. You remember admiring his work as a young agent. You meet with him and immediately like him. He isn’t just a spy, he’s a person. A month later, you’re officially dating.

    DOMINIQUE especially likes HENRY. He loves her like she was his own daughter. Two months later, HENRY takes you by surprise by proposing. Of course you say yes. Only your agents are invited to the wedding.
    What was your wedding, dress, and ring like? SIMPLE AND CLASSIC

    A year later, you are happily married. You accidentally get pregnant, with twins! A week later, RUBY learns she is expecting also. The whole agency is buzzing with excitement. You deliver your twin boys one month early. Their first names are cool, one middle name is after DH, and the other is after your late boyfriend. Your friend has a baby girl, first name is old-fashioned but cool, and her middle name is after you.

    What are your twins’ names? OLIVER HENRY AND ISAAC MICAH

    What is RUBY’s baby’s name? LUCY CHARLOTTE

    The agency starts to joke that you’ve started a daycare. You and RUBY take care of her baby and son, as well as your daughter and twins. You’ve seen less and less of HENRY with you taking care of the kids, and him going on missions every week. This puts a strain on your relationship. You keep trying but can’t seem to make it work…

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