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    Secret Agent Part 3

    Two months after (DAUGHTER) is born, tragedy strikes. (BOYFRIEND) is killed on his mission. You are devastated, and so is the entire agency. They elect you as the new leader, but you can’t take the honor. You give it to (FRIEND) and fill her spot. She has been part of the company for 7 years, while you’ve been there for a year. (FRIEND) is surprised and delighted.

    Three months later, (AGENCY) has recently added a new member. His name is (HIS NAME). He is one of the best spies to ever leave a government agency. You remember admiring his work as a young agent. You meet with him and immediately like him. He isn’t just a spy, he’s a person. A month later, you’re officially dating.

    (DAUGHTER) especially likes (BOYFRIEND). He loves her like she was his own daughter. Two months later, (BOYFRIEND) takes you by surprise by proposing. Of course you say yes. Only your agents are invited to the wedding.
    What was your wedding, dress, and ring like?

    A year later, you are happily married. You accidently get pregnant, with twins! A week later, (FRIEND) learns she is expecting also. The whole agency is buzzing with excitement. You deliver your twin boys one month early. Their first names are cool, one middle name is after DH, and the other is after your late boyfriend. Your friend has a baby girl, first name is old-fashioned but cool, and her middle name is after you.

    What are your twins’ names?

    What is (FRIEND)’s baby’s name?

    The agency starts to joke that you’ve started a daycare. You and (FRIEND) take care of her baby and son, as well as your daughter and twins. You’ve seen less and less of (DH) with you taking care of the kids, and him going on missions every week. This puts a strain on your relationship. You keep trying but can’t seem to make it work…

    Part 4 coming!

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