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    your opinions please

    Give me your honest opinions for these names. The names with an * are ones I definitely want your opinion on. The others are optional.

    Bennett*- Nickname Ben (I adore Ben)
    Grayson/Graydon*- Which one would you pick?
    Cohen/Koen- Not sure about this one
    Eli- Can Eli stand on its own?

    Allegra*- I live in the US and the allergy medicine doesn't bother me.
    Freya/Freja- Which spelling?
    Francesca- Nickname Frankie

    I need more girl names that I love. Any ideas?

    If Allegra, Tinsley, Bennett, Theo, Grayson/Graydon, and or Asher were siblings, do you think they go together? If not replace the ones you don't think go, but leave Allegra and Bennett b/c they're my favorite girl and boy names as of now.


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    Bennett*- love!
    Grayson/Graydon*- I like Grayson but a little too popular. I might just go with Gray or Grey myself.
    Theo* - NMS
    Asher* - really like this, would use myself but for conflict with last name.
    Linus* - love! can't get hubby past the Peanuts connection but I wish I knew a little Linus!
    Cohen/Koen- NMS and it's meaningful in Judaism and could be seen as inappropriate for others to use
    Sebastian - I don't like any of the nicknames
    Henry - I don't see the appeal of this comeback hit
    Milo/Miles - Love! I would name my son Miles and call him Milo I think.
    Declan - nice and becoming more recognizable
    Colin - still handsome though a maybe a bit out of date? I'm not sure, it just seems like there were a lot of Colins my age.
    Eli- Absolutely can stand on its own
    Ian* - ok
    Callum - ok
    Gideon* - very handsome. I would tend to shorten to Giddy though, which would be no good.
    Conrad - NMS. something about the 'con' part puts me off
    Desmond - ok

    Allegra*- Love! the allergy medicine doesn't put me off either
    Tinsley* - seems like a trendy smush of sounds, like a name without history
    Scarlett - I don't like the 'scar' beginning
    Freya/Freja- Love Freya this way!
    Francesca- Frankie is cute but Francesca is not my favorite
    Louisa - love!
    Sophie - very nice but so popular now
    Waverly - ok
    Blythe - pretty
    Blair - seems dated to 80s for me
    Tatum - I like this one but would need to be careful what you pair with it. Tatum and Louisa as sisters for example, would be hard to know if Tatum were a boy or girl.

    You've got some great names here! I really like Allegra and Bennett as siblings.

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    Bennett- I think it's a fresh alternative to Benjamin. Love!
    Graydon- a little less trendy than Grayson? At least a little less common.
    Theo- love! It's one of my favourites.
    Asher- it's a nice name, but it's very common right now.
    Linus- I automatically think of Linus from Charlie Brown.
    Declan- another favourite of mine.
    Eli- yes, I do think it can stand alone.
    Ian- it's all right.
    Gideon- this name feels like it was from Harry Potter. It might actually...

    Allegra- this one is very sweet and elegant.
    Tinsley- sort of reminds me of tinsel...
    Scarlett- love! It's a favourite.
    Sophie- I like this a lot, better than Sophia. It's really popular now though.
    Waverly- a cool, fresh name and I love the meaning.
    Blythe- a cooler, less pretentious alternative to Blair.

    I think that Allegra, Bennett, Theo, and Graydon would make good siblings. I think Tinsley and Asher are a little out of place among those four names. I'm not sure why, they just don't fit right to me.

    For girls names, I would suggest Delaney, Elodie, Reese, Thea, Natalie... I'm not totally sure of your style so I'm just taking a stab at it!
    I'm Erin, a teenaged writer who loves names (and dessert).

    Girls names of the moment: Delaney | Eleanor | Georgia | Kate | Lucy
    Boys names of the moment: Felix | Harry | Liam | Theo | Tobias

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    Bennett- like but not love. My fav. Ben name is Benedict.
    Graydon- Feels to trendy to me.
    Theo- I like it as a nn for Theodore but don't love it on it's own
    Asher- I like it a lot. A similar less popular name is Archer
    Linus- To me it screams "nerd"
    Declan- Love!
    Ian- A bit of a '90s feel to me
    Gideon- Love love love Gideon

    Allegra- I play classical music so the first thing I think of is musical tempo Allegro. Not sure if this is a problem
    Tinsley- To "teen-mom" for me
    Scarlett- Sorry but for some reason I think "Scarlett the harlot"
    Sophie- It is ok
    Waverly- Really like this one!
    Blythe- It is ok. Makes me think of Gilbert Blythe from Ann of Green Gables. Good association

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    Bennett*- Love! It's a nice alternative to Benjamin, which I also like.
    Grayson/Graydon*- Neither TBH. Too trendy.
    Theo* - Love! But I prefer Theodore as a more formal name, and Theo as a nn.
    Asher* - Love!
    Linus* - It's ok. I can't help but think of Linus from the Charlie Brown cartoons though.
    Cohen/Koen- Don't really like it. Really don't like the Koen spelling.
    Sebastian - Not bad.
    Henry - Like!
    Milo/Miles - Like!
    Declan - Meh. It's grown on me but not enough for me to like it.
    Colin - It's ok but I prefer the Collin or Collen spellings.
    Eli- I think it can stand on it's own but I like it better as a nn for Elijah, Elias or even Elliott.
    Ian* - Love!
    Callum - Love!
    Gideon* - Meh.
    Conrad - NMS.
    Desmond - It's ok.

    Allegra*- It reminds me of the allergy medication (I know you said it doesn't matter though) and the old kid's show Allegra's Castle (wasn't that her name?).
    Tinsley* - Too made up/trendy sounding.
    Scarlett - Love!
    Freya/Freja- I don't like it at all but if you use it, I prefer Freya.
    Francesca- Love!
    Louisa - It's ok.
    Sophie - Too popular.
    Waverly - Don't like.
    Blythe - Sorry, I think it sounds ugly.
    Blair - Like.
    Tatum - Don't like.
    Top 10 girl's names: Serena * Audrey * Sienna * Bridget * Lucy * Hazel * Cordelia * Josephine * Claire * Alice
    Top 10 boy's names: Elliott * Callum * Theodore * Emmett * Nolan * Ian * Blake * Brennan * Adrian * Everett

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