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Thread: We need help!

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    We need help!

    We need middle name help with first name Ezra last name is Miller joining a Levi Emerson and Serena Faith....

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    I hate to do this to you, but like the actor Ezra Miller? If you Google "Ezra Miller" you'll see who I mean. I thought of him as soon as I put Ezra and your surname together.

    I do love the name Ezra, though!

    Middle name suggestions ...

    Ezra Desmond Miller
    Ezra Gideon Miller
    Ezra Tristan Miller
    Ezra Winston Miller
    Ezra Barrett Miller
    Ezra Felix Miller
    Ezra Graeme Miller
    Ezra Hugo Miller
    Ezra Carrick Miller
    Ezra Kieran Miller
    Ezra Maxwell Miller
    Ezra Jude Miller

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    What popped into my head...

    Ezra James Miller
    Ezra Colton Miller
    Ezra Peyton Miller
    Ezra Samson Miller
    Ezra Branson Miller
    Ezra Walter Miller

    I think ending with "on" sounds nice with both first and last names. Good luck!
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