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    Sister or brother for Aurelia

    Thanks for the suggestions and I have a few new options that never occurred to me.
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    Genevieve, Madeleine and William are my favorites from the list. Although I actually prefer Mireille, Audrey and Callum. All of them have charm though. Anyone you choose will be great!

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    Stylistically, I think Genevieve or Lucia are the best fits with Aurelia (lovely name, by the way!).

    I really love William nn Will, but I know what you mean about it being so common. What about Gable nn Gabe? Do you like that better than Gabriel?

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    Valencia is absolutely STUNNING with Aurelia! Without a doubt a I would pick her. Lena is a beautiful nickname to go along with her, though i also think something along the lines of Lacy could work as well!

    As for boys, you're not convincing me an any of them! Would you consider anything along the lines of Roman nn Rio, Isidore nn Sid/Sido, Leon nn Leo, Atlas, Miles nn Milo, Augustus/Augusto/August, Cosimo (you may also like Cosima/Cosmina nn Coco for a little girl!), Indigo nn Indi, Kenzo, Orlando, Romero, Tygh, Vaughn, Viggo.

    Especially loving:
    Aurelia & Roman
    Aurelia & Cosimo
    Aurelia & Augustus (though, only if you dont wish to have more children, since finding another Au name might be hard)

    all the best

    xo Viv
    Mama bear to Rigby Harrison, Miller Thomas, Wren Charlotte Amity & Eloise Cleo Bellamy

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