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    Caroline Paige is nice and I have an odd affection for Bella Blu. Bella as a first name not short for anything reminds me of a great-aunt I had who'd probably be a hundred if she were still alive.

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    I had to try several times to pronounce this: Za’Alaliyah TaNala, and I'm still not sure I'm right. This child is going to have to spell her name for people constantly.

    Also, what's up with D'Kayden and M'Kylan? Maybe it's just a pet peeve of mine to see punctuation in names (accents and hypens excepted, unless they're pronounced ie. La-a) but this looks like someone slapped their hand on a keyboard and this is what came out. Plus D'Kayden sounds like "decaying".

    Bella Blu actually is adorable, though, and I like Caroline. The boys have a few winners I think. Hampton Wesley, Levi Collins, Clayton Elias, Isaac Coleman, Theodore Drake, Samuel Winn (I find this charming for some reason), Davis Matthew, and Isaiah Stone are all nice. I love Sawyer, but Sawyer Marc sounds like "Saw your mark".
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    I like Charlie Kate and Bella Blu
    SAHM to Tess, Kaia and Jasper
    Hopeful for Penelope and Emmett someday
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    Oh poor Starri Skye that is truly awful!!

    Victoria Eden-Marie
    Alexia Grace
    Audrey Kate
    Callie Jane

    are the only ones I like, the rest are bordering on dreadful!! I must have a look in my paper and see if there are birth announcements!!
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