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    Your name is Madison Jessica Kirkland. You are a 20-year-old college student from California and are a rising junior at UCLA. Your parents announced earlier in the year that they were taking a month-long second honeymoon in Hawaii, giving you a perfect reason not to go home right away when school let out for the summer. Throughout the year, you had put whatever money you could aside so that you could do what you always wanted to do: visit your favorite aunt, Baila Ann Kirkland, who is living in Greenville, South Carolina.

    Two days after school lets out, you grab your bags, head to the airport, and hop on a plane to Greenville. She greets you at the airport and is very happy to see you. You plan on staying for a month and a half, with her in her two-bedroom condo. When you get there, you see there is a man sitting in the living room. Your aunt introduces him as Zachary Michael Devine, her live-in boyfriend. You're surprised--your aunt never mentioned a boyfriend. She blushes and she says she wasn't quite sure how to tell you and thought if your mom found out, she might not let you visit. You say its OK. They take you out to dinner that night and help you get settled in. Zach turns out to be a really nice guy. He met her through their work and they've been dating for 1 year. He recently moved in with your aunt, per her request.

    For the next couple of days, your aunt and her boyfriend take you sightseeing. When you've been in the city for 1 week when a visitor stops by your aunt's condo. You open the door, expecting to see a friend that was suppose to stop by, but a boy you don't know is there instead. You both stare at each other for several moments, before he asks for your aunt's boyfriend by name. Your aunt comes over and introduces him. His name is Bentley Jude Foley and he's a 22-year-old college student. He is Zach's godson. He spends the rest of the day with you, your aunt, and his godfather.

    The next 11 weeks are the most fun you've ever had in a long time. You've gotten really close with Bentley and are sad about leaving. The night before you are set to leave, your aunt, her boyfriend, and your new friends throw you a going-home party. The next day, Aunt Baila, Zach, and Bentley, bring you to the airport. Before he leaves, the boy gently kisses you on the forehead.

    Once you are back in college, your life falls back into your previous routine and you fall out of the contact with the boy you met in Greenville. In the second semester of your senior year of college, you begin seriously dating a guy named Mitchell Denny Smith. On your first anniversary together, he proposes to you! You gladly say yes. You two go out bowling; when you hit a pin, a banner reading "Will you marry me?" falls down.

    7 weeks after you are officially engaged, you receive even more exciting news: your aunt is getting married! She and Zach are finally tying the knot and she wants you present as her maid of honor. Unfortunately, your fiancee has something business related and cannot attend the ceremony. You head to Greenville with your parents and your younger brother to be with your aunt on her special day.
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    At the wedding, you are reunited with Bentley. He is your new uncle's best man. The wedding is a casual occasion in the local town hall, with twelve guests. You are arm and arm with him as you walk beside him in the procession. Your old crush comes back--tenfold. He appears to be returning your affections, but then he sees the ring on your finger and he avoids eye contact with you. He does this repeatedly throughout your stay. After the wedding, you return home to your fiancee. Only this time, you keep in touch with Bentley.

    3 months after your aunt's wedding, you come home to an empty apartment. Your fiancee has cleared out. You are worried, and you call almost all of his friends. Then, you call his sister, who reveals a terrible secret: Mitchell admitted to her he had been cheating on you for the past few months. She tried to convince him to be straightforward with you, but apparently he chickened out. You are beyond upset; your wedding was in two weeks! When he finally comes home, he begs you to take him back. A small part of you wants to, but you ultimately decide to break off the engagement. All your friends and your family are upset. You can't take the looks of pity and whispers anymore after a few weeks. You quit your job and move to Greenville, the one place in the world you were completely happy.
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