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    Russian nicknaming

    I have Russian in-laws and I love the nicknames they use. Our baby Leonie is Leonka & sometimes Yona. My mil Irina is Ira pronounced Ear-uh or Irishka. My husband Maksim is Maka...which would be cute on a girl Maxine imo. -ishka and -anka are so cute and now I am trying to imagine what other names that would sound good tacked on the back of. Thoughts?

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Aww, I love Russian nicknames.

    I know a little Belarusian little girl whose name is Milana, but her mom calls her Milanka, so cute. I also love the Czech Eliska, which I'm assuming is already a diminutive form, but I really love it. I suppose an Elisa/Eliza/Elizabeth could get the nn Eliska, then... I also love the idea of Alexander/Michael (or its female variants, Alexandra/Alexandria/Alessandra and Michaela), nn Sasha/Misha, too. Oh, and I love Nastia as a nn for Anastasia, although it obviously wouldn't work in America.
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    We have a Mischa in the family. It means Bear! I love it! We have an Isaac who is called Izzishka the beginning is soft like Isabella...I think it would be such a distinctive nn for an Isabella! Quite a few Sashas & Sandras that are Alexander/Alexandra. I am thinking about non Russian names with Russian nns.

    Alice - Alishka or Alka
    Beatrice- my husband said this is Bee-etta..sadly it's spelled Beata
    Claudette- hmmm maybe something like Cloud-ka

    It's something for me to keep in mind when naming!

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    I'm considering the name Veronica. When I posted in on the forum for feedback, someone suggested a nickname of Vonka, which I LOVE and never thought of using. Thanks to your post, now I know it's a Russian nickname. So cute!

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    I also am considering Veronica!
    I am conscious of picking names that are easy to pronounce & somwhat familiar to Russian people so it's high on my list!
    Vonka is adorable. Vera is Russian for faith. Vinka is what I would use as a nn...botantical & Russian sounding AND a character in a favorite book!

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