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Thread: Final Options!

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    Final Options!

    We love all of these names to go with Aurora! We have also pretty much decided on Aurora's combo; Aurora Leilani. So the other mns that we are considering are Jasmine, Violet, and Dahlia but we are open to other flower names with the exception of Rose.

    Aurora & Giordana - Someone suggested that we use the traditional Italian spelling to honor our heritage and we like the idea a lot

    Aurora & Cambria - I think they flow together just perfectly

    Aurora & Eliana - I like how their meanings connect, they almost feel like they should belong to twins

    We let go of Aurora and Anastasia so we are not locked into an A theme. It is pretty much a tradition in our family to do all one letter, my family had all P's, one of my sisters has all F's and my SIL is planning on all M's so with 2 A's at the beginning I would feel pressure to stay with the theme and we really do not love any boys names that start with A.
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    I really love Aurora & Eliana! For mn's I like Aurora Leilani & Eliana Jasmine, I think they sound the most fitting for twins.
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    I would have to agree with namenutt, Aurora Leilani and Eliana Jasmine sound perfect together! So very pretty!

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    I like Aurora Leilani and Elaina Violet best!

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