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    If I had been a boy, my name would have been Thomas after my dad but my mom did t like his middle name so my middle would have been Benjamin. So I would have been Thomas Benjamin. My lil sister would have been named the same if she was a boy.
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    If I was a boy I would have been Nathaniel Ellington....instead they named me Autumn Elizabeth but 6 days after I arrived mum decided that I wasn't an Autumn so I became Pollyanna Mae.
    My older sister would have been Henry James, instead she is Alice-Jane Margaret.
    My oldest brother would have been Lily Katherine, instead he is Hamish William.
    My other older brother would have been Penelope Scarlett, instead he is Christopher Francis.

    I always wonder what we would have been like if we were Henry, Lily, Penelope and Nathaniel....but I much prefer us just the way we are, Aly-Jane, Hammy, Kit and Polly
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    I was going to be William David

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    Oh I remembered another good one. My sister Naomi Freda would have been Maxwell Oscar, which would have been the initials MOO!

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    I would have been either Patrick David Dodge or Collin David Dodge. Ick. My mom's other choice (which my dad hated) was Connor... it was unheard of at the time but I would much rather be named Connor than Collin or Patrick even now that it's so popular. The "D_____ Dodge" middle name for boys is a tradition on my father's side that goes back four generations. Other than that none of the names are meaningful, they just liked them.
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