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    Is Kit substantial enough?

    I really like the name Kit but do you think that it's substantial enough to be used as a first name? Also, what are some middle name suggestions that flow well with the name Kit?

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    I prefer it as a nickname, but I think it could be a cute first name. MN suggestions: Kit Chloe, Kit Julia, Kit Annalie, Kit Beatrice, Kit Aurora, Kit Christiana, Kit Nicole

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    Personally, I don't think it has enough substance to be a first name.

    Kit Aurora is a nice idea though.
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    I love Kit. I've been strongly considering it as a middle name, to honor my mother Kathy. I think Kit, since it's short and a bit tomboyish, should be balanced out by a more feminissima middle, such as:

    Kit Angeline
    Kit Gabriella
    Kit Renata
    Kit Victoria

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    No I don't think so at all. It's definitely a nickname in my opinion.

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