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    You will come up with the perfect combination! Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by claireelise View Post
    My first thought was Maris Eleanor too!

    If you like French names (you mentioned Odette), what about:
    Maris Camille
    Maris Colette
    Maris Amelie
    Maris Simone
    Maris Elodie
    Maris Genevieve
    Maris Vivienne

    I also like: Maris Jane, Maris Josephine, Maris Felicity and Maris Eleanora
    Thanks for your reply!
    I do like Maris Colette (I think I may have even mentioned this to the hubs. Plus it's a Saint's name- extra points!)
    And Maris Vivienne.
    I LOVE Elodie but don't think hubby will go for it.
    I think Simone is lovely as well but the 's' is Maris and Simone run together a bit.
    Thanks again!

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    What about Maris Julia? Can I use Julia in a middle spot if I have a daughter named Juliette or is that weird?

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    What about Maris Violet?
    or Maris Charlotte?

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    Love it!!! Beautiful together!

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