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    Within weeks of trying, you fall pregnant! You and your husband are thrilled. You've both been living in a large apartment in Echo Park, Los Angeles and decide to buy a house big enough for a family in Eagle Rock. Nine months later, you give birth to a baby girl! You name the baby Cora Pearl Rivers.

    Six months later and life is treating you well. Your baby has been rated #4 on a recent list of cutest celebrity babies, your husband is away shooting a new movie and people keep asking when you're going to release your second album. You really want to start recording a new album, but you want to wait until your baby is a bit older. Meanwhile, you're co-writing another song with your best friend, (the singer you first co-wrote with). He wants you to feature on the track, but not just backing vocals. This song is even more successful than the first song you wrote together! After it's released, you decide that you're finally ready to record a new album. Your baby is a year old and your husband has finished shooting his movie. However, four months into recording your album, you discover that you're pregnant again! You consider putting the album on hold, but you've been waiting so long to record a second record. You finish recording it when you're three months pregnant. You're devastated that you can't go on tour, but thrilled that you're having another baby. You soon give birth to a baby boy who is the spitting image of your husband. You name him/her Lennon Dash Rivers.

    You love your family and your career, and you can't imagine life any other way...

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