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    He Says Indie, Hattie & Romy, I say Indigo, Harriet and Rosemary! Help :)

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    Hattie - Harriet
    Harriet. hattie is not my style. I'd use Harry as a nn if anything
    Indie - Indigo
    Prefer Indigo but would end up usig Indie as a nn
    Romy - Rosemary
    Romy. Rosemary isn't my style and Romy isn't a natural nn for it for me
    Angelica - Anneliese
    Anneliese is more classic so I prefer that. Annie is an ok nn
    Lila - Lilac
    Lila (prefer the Lilah spelling though). Lilac just sounds wrong to me
    Tessa & Jessamine
    Neither? Jessamine sounds more complete if I had to chose but I'd only go for Jess/Jessie as a nn.

    I think this shouldn't be a problem. If you love Harriet (for example) and he loves Hattie you could give the baby Harriet officially but your husband could use the nn on a day to day basis.

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    I prefer:

    Harriet (though don't really like it)
    Indie -- because I dislike Indigo a lot. May I suggest Indira for the nn Indie?
    Angelica -- may I suggest Angelique? It's more sophisticated that Angelica, but has the same sort of sounds

    For Romy, I don't like any of your names with the nn Romy (Rosemary is the only one I think it sort of works with), but I do think Romy should be a nn for a longer name (my favorite way to get Romy is Andromeda or Romilly), how about:

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    As a general rule, I prefer the longer names to the nicknames, just because it gives them something to grow into, and more nn options in case your Harriet doesn't look like a Hattie, but is a tomboy who prefers Harry.
    I've bolded my preferences:
    Hattie - Harriet
    Indie - Indigo
    Romy - Rosemary
    Angelica - Anneliese
    Lila - Lilac
    Tessa & Jessamine

    I think both Lila and Tessa are all right, I just prefer Lilac and Jessamine to them a bit more. As far as Indie, as pp said, you could try Indira, or maybe Indre (prn In-drah)?

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    Harriet (but actually I don't really like it too)
    Indigo. Or maybe Indianna?
    Angelica-Anneliese. love both.
    Jessamine. I like the nicknane Jessa/Jessie.

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