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    @greyer Benicio and Ochoa, even the combo of Benicio Ochoa is not unheard of or considered weird in the Hispanic community, and strangely enough I know one (although Ochoa is his ln and not mn) which is why I mentioned it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lineska View Post
    Thank you for the laugh. I'm almost in tears over Immunique "like I'm unique"

    I just feel really bad when I remember that all of these children out there will grow up to be adults walking around with vegetable soup names, walking into job interviews and having to introduce herself as Awnystee (Nysty for short??). Or why she has to have three scantron sheets on her SATs to fit Angelique-Jacqueline Sue-Ellen Lynn. I hope the majority of these are fake.

    Oh no, I just got to Elocin!!!! Nicole backwards!!!!! I'm just going to start introducing myself as Enilorac at the supermarket, and these are my friends Yelhsa, Einahpets, and Ailatan....DYING!
    Is it bad that I was able to read those names completely normally even though you typed them backwards? lol
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    Wow, even our trolls aren't that bad!


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