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    A goldmine of terrible naming ideas

    Go to the baby center post on baby names and then scroll down and click "see all comments" -->

    It's terrifying and hilarious. My favorite comment is by the woman who says she wants to name her son Aiden and wants his middle name to rhyme, but can't think of anything!

    I hope most of these are jokes, but I'm afraid they aren't. Anyhow, the whole thread is making me feel MUCH more open-minded about some of my fellow berry name suggestions. Too much of the baby center thread and pretty much any name that isn't dead awful starts to sound pretty good.

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    lol wow. My favorites:

    Mel'asia Immunique -- like I'm Unique so she's unique but not different the mom says
    Sy'rai Necole -- pronounce si-rye and some one says Are you kidding?
    Diogenes -- my son likes correcting people the mom says
    "My daughters are Naeveh and Noone"
    Awnystee -- this sounds like "Aw nasty"
    Angelique-Jacqueline Sue-Ellen Lynn
    Adorey Jreem
    Ayden with a middle that rhymes

    I might come back with more that made me smile ^_^ -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Wow... just wow. These are the ones that made me smile, lol:

    Atarri Delontae (b)
    Itzabella Guadalupe (sister to Alejandro Guadalupe, Leonardo Angel, and Azul)
    Kege (after brothers Gage and Kegan... "either that or Gagan")
    Benicio Ochoa
    Cailla (pron. Ky-luh)
    Mary Suh
    JalieAna Clarice (Jay-lee-ana)
    Aphrodite Imani
    Zy'Quan and Justin (brothers)
    Phoenix Alyvia
    Messiah Jayden
    Diofenes (after grandpa)
    Elocin Morgan
    Embre'Lye Andrea-Marcelle (pronounced Ember Lie On-dray-uh Marcelle)
    Eynon Pari (b)
    Fillest Myrtle (g)
    Lysander Carlisle Laythan and Absity Amabel (b/g twins)
    Karma (b)
    Jonnie Rayne (g)
    Peper Lex Dianne (g)
    Arabelah LynneMarie
    Kayme (g, pron. Kay-mee)
    A'zharia Miracle
    Ukiah Jane and Madix James
    Neriah Mahida
    Wenzdee (like Wednesday)
    Charlee Love (g)
    Ravyn Alexander (b), brother to Salem Zoe Jane or Pwyll Alexander (pron. Phil)
    Juliegh Michelle

    Although my favorite by far would have to be the 15 year old claiming to have "quatriplets" named Ethan, Justin, Gabrial (g) and Page (g).
    baby BOY arriving november 2015

    currently considering:
    Martin, Shepherd, Edmond, Teagan, Winston, Absalom
    a girl would have been named:
    Beatrix Judith

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    bad. terribly, horribly bad. Some people apparently need to be banned from naming things
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    Thank you for the laugh. I'm almost in tears over Immunique "like I'm unique"

    I just feel really bad when I remember that all of these children out there will grow up to be adults walking around with vegetable soup names, walking into job interviews and having to introduce herself as Awnystee (Nysty for short??). Or why she has to have three scantron sheets on her SATs to fit Angelique-Jacqueline Sue-Ellen Lynn. I hope the majority of these are fake.

    Oh no, I just got to Elocin!!!! Nicole backwards!!!!! I'm just going to start introducing myself as Enilorac at the supermarket, and these are my friends Yelhsa, Einahpets, and Ailatan....DYING!
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