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    Full names for my favourite nicknames

    What full names can you think of for these nicknames....





    We love nicknames in our family, and I love these ones but they seem too nicknamey to be full names.... my kids all have more classyish name for these ones to fit in...

    we have:

    Sierra - CC, Sara (in Australia we say this as Sah-rah)
    Elodie - nn: Elle, Ellie, O
    Jasper - nn: Jas, JJ
    Oakley - nn: Oak, Oakie

    so we want a fuller name that matches the others but gives either those nicknames or similar...
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    I used to babysit a Rory, and her full name was Aurora. Also, I believe Sadie is supposed to be a nickname for Sara.

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    I love your children's names!


    Sadie -- I guess you could do Mercedes to get the Sadie sound. Perhaps that wouldn't work due to the car association, but there is also a literary connection with The Count of Monte Cristo.

    Cleo -- Cleome is beautiful flower and I think it makes a really cool sounding name!

    Rory -- I like Aurora as a full name for this one.

    Eve/Evie -- Perhaps Genevieve? Or Geneva?

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    Personally I think Sadie and Cleo stand well on their own, I really can't think of full names for these without going the traditional route of Sarah and Cleopatra.
    Rory- Obvious full name for Rory would be Aurora, I also like Lorelei (Gilmore Girls used Rory as a nn for Lorelei)
    Eve/Evie- Evangeline/Evangelina
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    Sadie - I see this as a full name and all the Sarah's I know go by Sarah, not Sadie, but technically Sadie comes from Sarah, but some other ideas: Cassada, Cassidy, Cassandra, Saida, Seraphina, Sandra, Alessandra

    Cleo - Cleopatra, Cliona, Cleona, Clotide, Chloe, Cleophalus

    Rory - Aurora, Caroline, Gloria, Victoria, Lorelei, Rosemary, Lorraine, Rowena

    Eve/Evie - Evangeline, Eva, Evelyn, Everly, Evonne, Evette

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