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    Gracie And Libby!

    Hey, I'm working on some new fan characters and I would like to know what you think of their names!

    First what do you think of Grace nicknamed Gracie? Second, thoughts on Libby and should it be short for Liberty or Elizabeth? I'm baise towards Liberty! Also is Liberty and Grace too themey for (step) cousins? Lastly, what do you think of Buffy and what full names would you suggest? It could be a made up name too!

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    I love Grace nn Gracie
    I like Elizabeth nn Libby better with Grace since both Grace and Elizabeth are classics while Liberty seems kind of hippyish? However it does kind of depend on who she is as a character. If Libby is a really wild, out there, unique character than maybe Liberty would fit her character better since its a more unique name.

    I don't like the name Buffy. It sounds like a spoiled rich woman or a trashy one to me. Its supposed to be a diminutive of Elizabeth but I don't get where they got it from. I would try a "B" name like: Barbara, Bridget, Beatrice, Brianna or any other B name.
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    I love Gracie. If you're not sold on Grace, what about Grecia or Gracia (I saw a diver with this name and thought it was gorgeous!). pronounced like Gray-sha.

    I'm fond of Liberty (nn Libby) as well, though it's hard for me ever to vote against Elizabeth.

    I don't think it's too themey if they're regularly called by nicknames.

    As for Buffy, what about Burgandy? or Phoebe?
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    Oh, I like Phoebe! Burgandy is interesting!

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