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    I Had A Dream...

    where I was calling out my child's name. I don't know what the name was, but all I know is the feeling the name had. The feeling was summed up in a word: simple. That dream has affected my feelings towards other names. Elaborate names seemed less enchanting, and I've started to like short, simple names a bit more.

    What names do you feel evoke the word "simple" when you hear or say them? I might use this data for a blog post, so PM me if you would not like your user name and suggestions out in the internet wilderness.
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    Jane is the perfect name imo because of the simplicity of it. Joan & Jeanne have it to, but I think they would be more surprising on a child today. Nina is also a perfect name to me, only a little to childish. Mary also appeals to me. Any classic name fits perfectly. I think that simplicity is an excellent thing to keep in mind when naming. Who would want a confusing name?!

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    I LOVE Joan with the nickname Joanie.

    Also: Grace, Anna, Tess, Alice, Kate, Mae, Eve

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    jane, june, ruby, mary, anna, elle, ella, briar, grace, rose, daisy,
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