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Thread: Disney Names

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    I don't like Disney as a first name for either gender.

    Alice (Alice in Wonderland) - Love this name!
    Belle (Beauty and the Beast) - Usable, but I really don't like it. Too many Belles/Bellas/etc out there.
    Berlioz (The Aristocats) - A little too weird for me.
    Bianca (Miss Bianca from The Rescuers) - NMS but it's nice.
    Copper (The Fox and the Hound) - Don't like it at all. Would probably get mixed up with Cooper (which I don't mind on a boy, wouldn't like on a girl).
    Fagan (Oliver & Company) - This is a last name to me. Also don't like the first syllable.. sadly it would attract lots of teasing.
    Faline (Bambi) - Don't like. Too close to feline.
    Figaro (Figaro the Cat from Pinocchio) - It's ok.. would like better on a boy.
    Georgette (Oliver & Company) - It's ok. Prefer Georgina or Georgia.
    Jasper (Colonel Jasper Badun from One Hundred and One Dalmatians) - Don't like this, especially on a girl.
    Marie (The Aristocats) - A little boring, but definitely usable.
    Nala (The Lion King) - Don't like this. I think it's too tied to the movie.
    Perdita (One Hundred and One Dalmatians) - Don't like.
    Rapunzel (Princess Rapunzel from Tangled) - It's ok, but I think it's also too tied to the movie/story.
    Simba (The Lion King) - See Nala.
    Tiger Lily (Peter Pan) - Lily is fine, Tiger is too odd for me.
    Toulouse (The Aristocats) - Don't like.
    Wendy (Wendy Darling from Peter Pan) - Nice name.

    Boys' names
    Archimedes (Archimedes from Sword and the Stone) - It's ok, a bit of a big name though.
    Berlioz (The Aristocats) - Don't like.
    Edgar (Edgar Balthazar from The Aristocats) - Usable but NMS.
    Evinrude (The Rescuers) - I don't like that it has "rude" in it.
    Fagan (Oliver & Company) - See above.
    Hermes (Hercules) - It's ok.
    Jasper (Colonel Jasper Badun from One Hundred and One Dalmatians) - See above.
    Toulouse (The Aristocats) - See above.
    Top 10 girl's names: Serena * Audrey * Sienna * Bridget * Lucy * Hazel * Cordelia * Josephine * Claire * Alice
    Top 10 boy's names: Elliott * Callum * Theodore * Emmett * Nolan * Ian * Blake * Brennan * Adrian * Everett

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    Copper, yes, but not for a girl, and Belle as only a nickname. Fagan is cool, kind of like Fallon/Varron, but I don’t think I’d use it, girl or boy. Faline is lovely and delicate, definitely possible, but I think I’d more use it in the middle spot. I never cared for the more masculine sound feminizations, like Georgette, Bernadette, etc., so I wouldn’t use that one. I really like Nala, it’s pretty similar to names becoming more popular nowadays, like Nina, Nora, Cora, Mona, etc., I think I would probably use it. Would never use Perdita or Rapunzel, wouldn’t suggest it for anyone else. Tiger Lily’s a bit too much. Toulouse, for a girl, you mean? Sounds really Native American-y. And Wendy, only as a short form of Gwendolyn, with three middle names: Moira Angela Darling.
    For your list boys’ names, I like the sound of Archimedes. To me it has similarities to a number of other Greek names, which I like, and also reminds me somewhat of D’artagnan. But I’d probably only use it for a middle name. Although, possible nns Arch & Archer make it even more appealing as a formal first name.
    Wouldn’t use Berlioz, or suggest it to anyone. Don’t like Edgar, and Ervinrude, for me, is too much. Fits right in with Rapunzel & Perdita.
    I like Fagan better for a boy, although it’d work and sound really good and streamlined for a girl.
    Wouldn’t use Jasper, like Casper, and even Caspian, better.
    And probably not Toulouse, although it’s ok.

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    What about considering either Walter or Elias as a nod to Disney himself? I think either would be much better than Disney (which is now such a global brand, it's like naming a child Nike).

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    Alice - Likable, classic.
    Belle - Love it. Doesn't feel too tied to Disney for me.
    Bianca - NMS but it's nice.
    Copper - No.
    Fagan - Are you serious? The character's name is Fagin, it's like a two-for-one slur. Unusable. And hideous.
    Faline - It's okay. It reminds me of Phalene.
    Figaro - No.
    Georgette - Well it's certainly a million times better than Fagin.
    Jasper - Boy's name. Nice on a boy.
    Marie - Love it.
    Nala - It's ok
    Perdita - No.
    Rapunzel - Extremely tied to the story.
    Simba - Less usable than Nala.
    Tiger Lily - I secretly like Tigerlily, but I wish Disney had never got his hands on it. Also Peter Pan's Indians are quite problematic. Guilty pleasure.
    Toulouse - No
    Wendy - Nice name. I'd probably use it as a NN for Gwendolen.

    Boys' names
    Archimedes - Like it.
    Berlioz - Don't like.
    Edgar (Edgar Balthazar from The Aristocats) - Would prefer Balthazar.
    Evinrude - You know this name was a joke about motorboats, right?
    Fagan - No, you can't name a boy Fagin.
    Hermes (Hercules) - No.
    Jasper - Lovely name
    Toulouse - No

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    My favourites are:

    I love Moira (one of Wendy's middle names), too.
    I found a HUGE list on wikipedia, so combing though that, I also really like:

    Adella (sister in The Little Mermaid)
    Anastasia (Cinderella's sister. This is my cousin's kid's name. It's great!)
    Carlotta (The Little Mermaid)
    Fauna (Sleeping Beauty)
    Flora (Sleeping Beauty)
    Hyacinth (apparently the hippo from Fantasia)
    Ursula (The Little Mermaid)
    Yzma (The Emperor's New Groove)

    Amos (The Fox and the Hound. The character is not a favourite, haha, but this was my grandfather' name and I love it)
    Basil (The Great Mouse Detective)
    Bruno (the dog in Cinderella)
    Francis (Oliver and Company)
    Hugo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)
    Iago (Aladdin. I do prefer Yago, though)
    Sebastian (The Little Mermaid)

    Ooh, Archimedes from The Sword in the Stone was voiced by a name named Junius. Awesome!
    Name aficionada, traveller, teacher, wonderfully enamoured
    Sela Beatrix, Vivian Lilac
    Bastian Ephraim, Gideon Felix

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