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    Help naming a sister for Dylan and Dafydd. 2 weeks to go!

    Desperately seeking advice and hopefully some great girl names. A bit of background info. I am welsh, I live with my American husband and sons in Vermont, USA. I am expecting a baby girl in 2 weeks. My boys are Dylan Jonathan and Dafydd Alexander. I had always thought I would give all my children welsh names, Dylan was a very common welsh boys name when I was growing up and when I named him 16 yrs ago it wasn't very widespread in the US. But after naming Dafydd 2 years ago I had serious baby naming regret, I still love his name but just wish I had given him a name that people could pronounce and read! I feel stupid saying this now but I honestly thought that when I told people his name they would be able to just repeat what I said. I never imagined that random people would be so willing to share their thoughts and opinions about my sons name! Dafydd is now known as Dav most of the time but I do feel a bit guilty that he may spend a good portion of his time explaining his name to people he meets. So our goal with our daughter is to find a name that people can pronounce and spell easily and there are very few welsh names that fit the bill. Also, as I have all of my family in wales and went to a welsh speaking school I do associate a lot welsh names with family, friends, teachers and so on. I don't want our daughter to have a very American/English sounding name even though I adore so many classic girls names that are very English sounding but I don't want Dafydd to feel like he was the only sibling that got stuck with a traditional welsh name. My husband and oldest son have rejected every name I have suggested, even the non welsh ones, my husband likes Freya but I just don't know if it works! I will stop the crazy rambling now, maybe I am thinking too much into it! Any suggestions???? No D names please.

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    I love Carys! Some other Welsh suggestions:

    Bryn or Brynna

    I'm sure you've heard/know all of those names before, but I don't know Welsh names off the top of my head, except for Carys. So I just did a search on the site. Good luck!
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    Thanks for the suggestions!

    I do like Carys a lot but it has been rejected by husband.
    Bryn and Rhys/Reece are boys names in Wales, my family would think I was nuts!
    I have always liked Seren and it is easy to spell and say but my Aunt has a dog named Seren.

    Our daughters name doesn't have to be welsh, in fact I think my husband would prefer it not be, just a nice girls name that isn't too popular and that fits in with her brothers names.

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    My favorite Welsh girls' names are Seren, Lili, and Gwendolen. I absolutely love both of them. Carys is lovely, but it seems like a stereotypical Welsh name, if that makes sense. I've looked at Welsh names to honor my Welsh history, and everyone always suggests Carys as if it's the only beautiful Welsh girls' name out there. Which, it's not. Of course.

    I don't know a ton about Welsh names, I only know a few, but maybe it'd help if you PM'd @ljandrl? She's Welsh herself and has been quite helpful to me when I'm looking at Welsh names. Some of the ones I've talked to her about are Eflyn, Lili (the Welsh spelling of Lily, I believe? I think it's really sweet and would fit in quite well with Dylan and Dafydd), Eira, Catrin, and Betrys (I like this so much more than Beatrice!). I think Arianwen, Bethan, Adara, Brenna (my cousin just used this! I don't know how I feel about it, but it seems unusual enough and works nicely with Dylan and Dafydd), and Eleri (although I'm not sure how this is pronounced? I've heard it's both eh-LAY-ree and EL-er-ee) are nice, too, though.

    I also discovered Iola on a Welsh name list, said eye-OH-lah, the pronunciation guide said, and I think it's a perfect balance of refreshing and unique, although it doesn't seem very "Welsh" to me... the information about it said it was both Greek and Welsh, so I suppose it could be. I think Iola would be very pretty next to Dylan and Dafydd, too.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks Ashley. I love the suggestion of Lili, very cute. Some of the others you mentioned may be too welsh for us, I think Eira would be pronounced like Ira in the US?? I did go to school with a Iola and always thought it was a welsh name, as far as I know it is pronounced Yo-la. It is very pretty and the Iola I knew was adorable.

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