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    Augustine is feminine to me. I don't know anyone with the name, so this is probably influenced by the novel Everything is Illuminated. Augustin, however, is masculine to me.
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    I would assume that Augustine is a a girl. It looks "French" to me although it is not. Agustina would be the Spanish form. Augustin would be the male alternative.

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    Both I have seen for both genders
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    @megladonization historically speaking you are right, St. Augustin was known by other names in other cultures but aside from English speakers, never as Augustine. In fact all three St. Augustines were known as Augustin or another male form of it first.

    @ninak Augustine is the French female version of Augustin so you're right it is feminine.
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    To me, Augustine is a male name, and no one has ever asked me otherwise when they see the name. (It is a family name in my Italian family; my father is Augustine III, and I have a male cousin with the first name as well as my brother and another cousin with it as their middle names. When the name has been written out, I've never had anyone question whether it was a male or female that had that name.

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