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    Glenys after my mother's friend.
    She happened to marry a man named Glenn, so a lot of people think that I am named after him.
    They also gave me the middle name Susanne, and my mother is Susan, so it really sounds like I am named after both of my parents.
    My mother's friend's middle name is Anne, so my middle name is similar to hers as well.
    Glenys is different, and I think it suits me, but not many people have heard of it or know how to spell it properly. It's Welsh.
    Some people have thought that my name is Gladys (ugh!) or because of Gwyneth Paltrow, they think it is Gwyneth or Gweneth.

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    A lot of names got thrown around for me. My parents didn't know if I was a boy or girl so they picked out Lydia, Phoebe, Hannah, and Caitlin for girls and Patrick, Colin, or Connor for boys (we're half-Irish, if you couldn't tell). I wound up being Kaitlin with a K, because my dad had a dream that my mom had a baby girl with lots of dark brown hair and named her Kaitlin. And when I was born, I had loads of dark brown hair and am obviously a girl, so that was my first name. My middle name Aileen was kind of chosen at random. My mom liked the name Eileen and ran across someone with it spelled with an A, and loved it, so she used that and pronounced it the same. Personally I like the A spelling in my name, because the AI in Aileen matches the AI in kAItlin.

    I hate both the front-runners if I'd been a boy (Patrick or Colin) and would much rather have been a Connor. It wasn't nearly as popular at the time. On the other hand, I really like all the choices for me if I'd been a girl, particularly Lydia although I don't think I look like a Lydia. I think I definitely could pull off Hannah, but Kaitlin definitely suits me best.
    baby BOY arriving november 2015

    currently considering:
    Martin, Shepherd, Edmond, Teagan, Winston, Absalom
    a girl would have been named:
    Beatrix Judith

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    Quote Originally Posted by agirlinred View Post
    If I had been a boy, my name would have been Joshua Hamilton. Joshua is a name my parents both loved and Hamilton is a very old family name on my mom's side.

    At different points in the pregnancy, my mom considered Linda (after my grandmother) and my dad pushed for Felecia (which my mom continually vetoed). I can't imagine being a Linda or a Felecia. It didn't take them long to settle on Emily, which they both thought was pretty and unusual (ha!). My middle name is Madison, which I share with my great-great-grandfather and several cousins (male and female).

    I have a love-hate relationship with Emily. On one hand I like that it's melodious and timeless; on the other hand I dislike that it's so popular. I never gave my middle name much thought until I started really getting into names, and now I have a love-hate relationship with it as well. I like the family connection but dislike that it's also so popular. I feel that takes away from the specialness of it. People hear Madison and think "UGH! Another one!" which I completely understand, and I also dislike that people hear Madison and automatically think girl. My mom gave me the middle name Madison with the intention of it being gender neutral; that's why she chose a grandfather's middle name. She did the same for my sister, and ironically both ended up being two of the most popular girl's names of the decade.
    That happened to my mother with my brother Jordan she had it picked out for the river, and that year it was huge mostly for girls. lol but it fits him my dad wanted him to be Henri the French form of Henry. but thats his middle name
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    My mom is a teacher so she wanted to make sure that she didn't give me a name of one of her former students. I know one of their choices was Jamesy after her dad, James. But they ended up naming me Lincoln Elizabeth, and I honestly have no idea where it came from. Elizabeth is a family name I think. I absolutely love my name, and I always get compliments on it!

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    My name is Mercedes Merrick *Sadie*

    My parents both liked the name Sadie but my dad thought it might have been too old-ladyish so he wanted me to have a full name for it. Traditionally, it is a nickname for Sarah but we already had two Sarahs in the family (one cousin on each side). So they came up with Mercedes. Merrick is my mother's maiden name and was always going to be my middle name if I was a girl.

    My mom like Tilly and Sierra and my dad liked Melinda. They called me Dolores while I was in the womb because my mom was very uncomforable and it means "pains" in Spanish.

    If I had been a boy I would have been Jackson Thor. My paternal grandfather is Jack Eugene and my maternal grandfather is John Leo *Jack* plus my parents love The Pillars of the Earth and that is the main character's name. Thor is my dad's middle name.

    I love my name. I think I could have pulled off being a Tilly but I am most definitely a Sadie. People do have difficulty spelling it when they know that it comes from Mercedes. I've gotten Saydee, Saideigh, Sady, Cede etc. Some people add an 's' so I end up being Sadies. My last name ends in 's' as well so when people say my full name they tend to just drop the s's. I don't understand how Sadie becomes Sadies and Mercedes becomes Mercede...

    I've been called Katie, Sydney, Cindy, Mercy, Marcy, Marchadies, Mersuddies, Merseeds... and loads of others

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