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    My name's Rose Elizabeth, and I hate it because the first name means "a rose flower", nothing more, and it sounds like I'm stuck in the past. My parents were hipsters when they had me and liked old-fashioned names.

    I hate my middle name just as much, because it sounds ugly. The Liz and Beth parts are the worst.
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    My first name (Zena) my dad gave me upon finding the same name in his extended family tree a few days before I was born: prior to that, I was to be named Alata: a botanical name; both parents very interested in horticulture. Sure, I used to get 'warrior princess' comments a lot, more often when I was younger, and while it did get to me as a kid quite a bit, I really don't mind the association at all nowadays, infact, I love it: who wouldn't want to be associated with Xena, the kick-ass warrior-woman? My middle name (Joy) was given to me, again by my father, after his sister Joyce, who died years before I was born, and therefore I never got to meet, however, Dad always used to tell me I was very much like her.

    I love my names, and wouldn't change them for the world.

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    My first name was supposed to be Amanda, but my parents couldn't think of a middle name they liked with it. My sister (who was 8 at the time) suggested Jennifer, so I became Jennifer Amanda. I don't hate it, don't love it. It's kind of a plain name. Though I do like my middle name, because I've only met one other person with the same middle! Everyone that sees my initials thinks I'm Jennifer Ann, but Ann is my sister's middle name :-)

    My name if I were a boy probably would have been Christopher Michael. They didn't have boy names picked out but that was a name my mom liked.
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    I don't like mine for numerous reasons: People always mispronounce, misspell, forget it, call me by something else, etc. It starts with mal- which is bad in numerous languages. Also sounds downmarket to me and there's a very bad word in Greek that sounds nearly identical. lol
    I'm just over it, never really liked it.
    I do like the meaning though, "Queen".

    All of my names have positive meanings "Queen", "Beautiful", "Crown of Laurels", "Hillock" and "God is Gracious". Well, Hillock is neutral, but still!
    My mom picked it because she was looking for names that would suit and Aries girl, and that made the list, also it's the only one my parents both agreed on.

    First middle name is my father's number one pick, and second one is a family name, my great-aunt's.

    My mother's forgotten all the other names she'd thought of for me except for Dahlia. She doesn't know how she would've spelled it, because she heard it in church and liked it, but yeah. I would've rathered being a Dahlia, but I don't like the Dal=dull sound in it.
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    Funny, my Mom and I were just talking about this! I was going to be an Elizabeth Joy, which is okay, but I don't see myself as an Elizabeth. Mom said she saw my name in a book, and changed the spelling a little bit. I love my middle name, a great smoosh of two family names. My sister was going to be Emily Elizabeth, but my parents changed it to honor my aunt.
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