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    My parents thoughts on my name were Audrey, Bethany or Charlotte, but they finally settled with Israel (Sarah), for biblically reasons.

    There only reason for naming me that was because they liked how it sounded, nothing special really.

    The only things I don't like about it is that it's known as a boys name and people spell it Isreal. -__- And I used to hate it when I was little, but now I kind of like it!

    And I just go by Izzy.

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    I was supposed to be Alexandra, Jennifer, or Ashley. They just couldn't decide, and took all three names to the hospital. They tried all three names on, and I cried when they tried to call me Jennifer, whimpered when they tried to call me Alexandra, but I was happy as a clam when they tried to call me Ashley, so Ashley I am. I think they're all okay names, although Ashley's really the only one that suits me. Alexandra is nice, but I've never really loved it, and knowing how unoriginal my parents are, I definitely would have been an Alex, and I am so much more of an Allie kind of girl. That, and I hate Alex. On either gender. lol. Jennifer is okay, but way overdone, so much more overdone than Ashley, so even though Jenny/Genny would have suited me, I'm glad I didn't get that one. Popular though Ashley was (and still is, actually), it still feels less dated than Jennifer to me.

    I'm ambivalent about my actual name. Ashley Marie suits me. I really dislike Marie, and how it rhymes with Ashley, but I do like that it's French. My main issue with it is that it's so filler, and that I have that tie to Marie Antoinette. Some people say she was largely understood, but I'm a huge fan of the underdog and some of the stories I've heard about her have put me off for life. If I was going to have a tie to a well-known woman in history, I would have preferred it to be someone who actually did something to help people in need. Ashley's okay. I think it's pretty and it suits me perfectly, but I don't like that it's unisex. I feel like it's always held back my femininity and I wish I had a 100% girly name--nothing too frilly, just actually feminine. It's also a tad bit weird that I share a name with my uncle. lol. I used to vow I would change it as soon as I could, but I have grown to like it enough (and know that there's nothing that'd suit me better) that I'll keep it. I'm just an Ashley. And I'm happy with that. Some days I do wish it was less trendy/dated and unisex, though...
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    I have always loved my name, my parents told me that they had an easy time deciding on my possible names, Kassandra Renae or Justin Arthur since they wanted to wait for the gender. My mom named me Kassandra with a K because she always wanted to be Carolyn with a K on account of her being one of four friends in her group named Carolyn. Besides the fact that i had to say "Kassandra with a K" to everyone who needed to spell my name I never had a problem, in the end im glad i am a girl because Justin Arthur is deff nms, my middle name i never really asked about but i also love it!
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    I was supposed to be Sean Patrick. I'm honestly really glad plans changed (due to a death in the family), because my surname is noticeably Irish as well... and I'm not even mostly Irish. So, yeah, awkward. Gabriel was considered, but dropped because of nn Gabe, which my parents didn't really like the sound of. Gabriel's a very nice name, though.
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    I was going to be Jade Maree, or Jasmine Maree. I am so happy that I am Jasmine Lee!

    Jude, blackbird.

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