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    Cool What are your names?

    why do you like,love, hate them? the story of your name. or you kids names. just an interesting subject...

    I was suppose to be Ayla or Alaina. My parents had friends that their daughters name was Michon. Mom kinda liked it, but never thought much of it. Everyone in my family Thought Alaina or Ayla. but when i was born(nameless for 2 days) except my middle and last names. when the nurse told my mom she had to name me and she said Michon. The nurse was like that's pretty and how do you spell that? mom looked at her and just started spelling it Machion. It was pretty close added a letter and switched one. I use to hate it, but now i'm in love with it. and people i meet love it, i have even met celeberties and they even stop and compliment me on my name.
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    I had many J and L names lined up for me. Mom had Jacqueline, Janice, Janelle, Janet, Lindsey, and Lacey *shudder* lined up as possibilities. Dad was kind of set on Lucy, but it was quickly turned down when Mom said, "As in I Love Lucy?" I guess I could see myself as a Janice or Janelle, all but Lacey are okay I guess. I don't have good associations with the name Lacey, so I'm relived Mom didn't go with that.

    My middle name, Hart, was set in stone. I guess Mom eventually settled on my first name being Natalie, named after the actress Natalie Wood. I'm happy with my name, although when I was little, I didn't like the fact my middle name was a last name. Now, I'm honored to have my middle name be after either my great-grandmother's surname or the famous Hart family. (depends on who tells the story of how I got my middle name)
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    I was supposed to be either Marissa or Rebecca Rochelle nn Becca. My dad refused both names upon my birth.. my mom remembered watching Who's the Boss when she was younger, and she liked the character Sam (played by Alyssa Milano). She thought Alyssa Milano was a cute little girl, and my dad ended up agreeing on the name. So I became mn is just a "filler" name. I always have loved my name, except for when that actress grew up and went through a wild phase (that led others to tease me)..I used to have trouble spelling it when I was little, but no big deal. It used to be unique around here. I knew only one other Alyssa, when I was six, she was eight. But years later, I won this writing-thing in school (a kid from each grade k-12) wins, and five of us were named Alyssa.. I love meeting other girls with my name tho

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    My dad wanted either Brooke, Antonia, Willow or Lake for me. Mom didn't care but I remember her saying she liked the name Emily. When I was born 3 months early they threw all the names they could think of in a hat and let my older brother pick out of it. I ended up a Kristina. My middle name is unisex and after my brother, which he insisted. I think my mom secretly copied the name of her friend's daughter but that's just an inkling. Honestly I would have preferred any of those other names to Kristina. Even when I was a little girl I never felt like that was my name. I just don't think I wear it well.
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    My mom wanted to name me Sabrina but my dad and his big ego wanted my name to start with Al- like him. So I ended up as Allison, which I love a lot. Sabrina is too girly for me and there are at least three Sabrinas in my school. There's only one other Allison in my grade, so my name is still mine. It's the perfect name for me and I never like it shortened as Alli. The only nickname I would take is Son, thanks to my best friend.

    With my brother, my mom wanted to name him Joshua but my dad once again wanted a name that started with Al-. But this time, he wanted him to share the same name, Alan. However, according to my mom, it is against Chinese culture to name a child after an ancestor. My parents compromised and named him Allan Joshua, so he would have the nickname AJ and satisfy my father at the same time.

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