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    I dunno, I'm kinda torn on this issue.

    I think that the line between parent and child should be distinct, but not overbearing. Calling a parent mom, mommy, dad, daddy, shows that line but it's not overbearing. It's an affectionate term, and should be used as such while being respectful.

    I think to disregard that is to put the parent on the same level as the child, and that's not possible.
    Parents are always "above" children in that role, they maybe be equals in height, strength, even intelligence, and are both equally worthy of respect, but they're different.
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    I've always just viewed Mom and Dad as terms of affection, and when I'm upset with my parents, I drop the Mom and Dad, same as I do with the terms of affection I uses with my siblings (Bubba, Sissy, Buddy).
    I don't find it disrespectful when people call their parents by their first names, just a bit odd.

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    I call my own parents mama and pops (or a variation of it:Popadom, Popsicle etc.)

    Grandparents on both sides: nana and grandad. Only distinguish them by Nana 'surname X' and Nana 'surname Y'

    I've a lot of friends (teenagers, early 20s) that call their parents by their first names, I see no problems with it, and I'd often my mother Tessa, affectionately. There's no obvious diffeence in Parenting overbearing or trying to be their friend. Each to their own, no disrespect shown in simply how you call your parent or are called by your child.
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    No, it's not a cultural thing. As far as I could remember, that is how they called my Granny/Aunts/Uncles. I guess since the first set was use to calling my Granny by her given name it kinda stuck when they had theirs.

    It was not until I was older that I realized that the name they called her was actually her middle name, her fn is something entirely different. My mom has always taught me to call her granny, no matter if the other kids called her _____. Because of that, I remember I would get teased by my cousins, aunts and a couple of uncles, and be called, "a daddy's girl, snooty, etc." I didn't really get it until I became older of course.

    I remember asking the only two cousins I am close to why do they call their parents ____ and ____ -- they couldn't really give me a good answer. One roughly responded that it didn't seem right and that they preferred it that way, "I guess."

    To be honest, I joke around with my grandma on certain occasions when I call her by her full name. Not in an disrespectful way, but to let her know I am talking to her. My older two sisters call her mama as well, so she will sometimes ask who am I talking to--her or my mom. Lol

    My paternal grandma is strictly granny.

    My maternal grandma is strictly grandma.

    I never knew my paternal grandpa, so I never had the chance to call him papa or something like that.

    My maternal grandpa is grandpa, gramps, or his given name to get his attention when he is too involved in television. Lol

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    My kids call me mommy or momma. My husband is dad or daddy...occassionaly "pops" if we're feeling silly.

    They call their paternal grandparents Nana and Papa. (my MIL decided she wanted to be called Nana so we went with that.) They call my parents Grandma Jan and Grandpa <first name>. We are also pretty close with my husband's grandparents (my kids great grand parents) and they are called Grammy and Pap Pap to the kids.

    I don't think adding a first name to Grandma, such as my kids Grandma Jan is disrespectful, especially when she is ok with it too. However if they just called her Jan or me by my first name, that would be disrespectful.
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