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    What does your child call you?

    As the title states, "What does your child call you?"

    On my paternal side, they mostly call their parents by their given name. As far as I know, I am the only one grandmother, granny. I believe I may have also have a couple that may call their parents mom or dad; but most call their parents by their given name. I am not truly close with my paternal cousins, so I can only remember so much. However, I am positive, they will call my grandmother by her given middle name--her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchild alike. I was never allowed to do so, thanks to my mom teaching, but I do find it odd and confusing. Do you think it's disrespectful in any way?

    On my maternal side, we call our parents, mom or dad--grandparents, grandma and grandpa. Or some variant of it, such as mommy, pops, papi, gramps, grams, papa, etc.

    So, what does your child[ren] call you and/or your parents?
    Just curious.

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    My kids call hubby & I mommy & daddy. My oldest girl calls me mom though 'cause she's 6 going on 14. LOL Hubby's parents are called Mema & Papa. My mom & dad, my kids know them as Grandma & Grandpa. My parents divorced & remarried along time ago & I've never been close to the step-parents, so when my kids are old enough I'll explain it to them & they'll know the step-grandparents by their first names. We live 5 states away from them so this isn't something that needs to be explained now.

    If my kids called us by our first names, yes, I would think of it as disrespectful.

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    My son calls me mommy, mama, or mom, and he calls my husband daddy. It would be odd for me if he called us by our first names, because I'm not used to children doing that. Is it cultural or just family preference to call parents and other family members by their given names?

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    I think to each family their own, but generally I do find it disrespectful.

    I don't have any children, but I know my future kid/kids will call me Mum/Mummy. And they will call my SO Dad/Daddy. My parents have already specified what they'd like to be called, though I'm unsure of his parents. And I know my SO's grandparents would want to be called by the same as they've got, as they are fairly distinct and it'd work nicely.

    I feel like using these sorts of names really is just out of respect. Anyone can call you by your regular name. On a normal bases, it really doesn't mean much. But the special moment when someone calls you Mummy/Daddy... melts my heart

    I can see how someone could find it unnecessary though. Its not like we go around calling our siblings "brother" or "sister", even though they are our brothers and sisters. And it could be seen the same way here.

    I do think its cute how my best friend calls her dad by his name, Mike. And she talks about how her future child would call him "grand-Mike" rather than grandfather he he he! Then again her entire family is strange, so I don't tend to compare

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    I don't think it is disrespectful if they are okay with it... I go the traditional route, my parents are mom and dad, my grandparents are grandpa and grandma. I never use their names.

    My fiance's nieces and nephew call their maternal grandparents "gee" and "bompa" because they couldn't say grandma and grandpa when they were little and it just aged with them. They'll probably use the proper terms when they are older. I'm not sure what they call their paternal grandparents....

    Personally I wouldn't like it if my child called me by my name unless it was necessary. In a sea full of mom and dads and you get lost, sometimes "mom!" just doesn't cut it. My sister and I only ever use their first names when we need to get their attention and "mom! dad!" just doesn't cut it.

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