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    Snow White and Ferdinand's Children:
    Nationality: German (Bavarian)
    Boy: Fritz Ferdinand
    Girl: Matilda Snow

    Cinderella and Charming's Children:
    Nationality: French
    Boy: Charles Etienne
    Girl: Colette Jeannine

    Aurora and Philip's Children:
    Nationality: English
    Family Names: Stefan (father), Leah (mother), Merryweather, Flora, Fauna, (her FairyGodmothers) Hubert (Phillip's father)
    Boy: Benedict Hubert
    Girl: Annabeth Leah

    Ariel and Eric's Children:
    Nationality: Atlantean and Danish
    Family Names: Triton (father), Athena (mother, deceased), Aquata, Andrina, Arista, Attina, Adella, and Alana, (sisters) Poseidon (grandfather), Neptune (great-grandfather, deceased)
    Canon child: Melody Athena ; Eric's black hair, Ariel's blue eyes.
    Boy: Hugo Poseidon
    Girl: Sonya Aquata

    Belle and Adam's Children:
    Nationality: French
    Family Names: Maurice (father)
    Boy: Maximilien Maurice
    Girl: Esme Eloise

    Jasmine and Aladdin's Children:
    Nationality: Arabian
    Family Names: Cassim (Aladdin's father)
    Boy: Haidar Cassim
    Girl: Jalila Jasmine

    Tiana and Naveen's Children:
    Nationality: American and Maldonian(Since Maldonia is a made up place, I’ve reasoned that it’s like Egypt in location etc. Part Indian and African sine Naveen’s name is Hindi.)
    Family Names: James (father, deceased), Eudora (mother)
    Boy: Brahma James
    Girl: Neela Eudora

    Rapunzel and Eugene aka Flynn's Children:
    Nationality: German (Saxon)
    Boy: Tillman Eugene
    Girl: Hannelore Rapunzel

    Pocahontas and John (Smith or Rolfe, your pick) Children:
    Nationality: Native American
    Family names: Powhatan (Father) Willow (Grandmother Tree)
    Boy: Ujarak Powhatan
    Girl: Maiara Willow

    Mulan and Shang's Children:
    Nationality: Chinese
    Family Names: Zhou (father) Li (Mother)
    Boy: Hai Zhou
    Girl: Jia Li

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