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    Generation CAF - Initial banks

    Choose the initials you want to use for each family member. The number of middle names is up to you.

    LN: F, B, G

    DH (75): W, E, J, Q
    DW (74): E, M, A, L

    DD (50): M, N, I, O
    DD (48): A, V, F, R
    DS (45): D, J, E, M
    DD (41): P, S, H, G


    DD (50):
    DH (54): K, P, O, N (LN: J, Q, R)
    -DD (27): C, S, R, T
    --DH (26): J, T, E, Z (LN: V, Y, U)
    ---DD (2): G, H, B, M
    ---DS (nb): S, I, W, J
    -DS (27): C, S, R, T
    --DW (30): M, C, K, Y (MN: L, A, G)
    ---DS (1): P, B, R, D
    -DD (23): C, S, R, T
    -DD (19): C, S, R, T


    DD (48):
    DH (52): E, U, V, X (LN: B, P, T)
    -DS (22): R, J, T, B
    -DS (21): E, F, J, K
    -DS (17): N, C, S, M
    -DS (15): P, D, E, A
    -DS (11): R, H, G, T
    dog - K, B, T, Z


    DS (45):
    DW (45): L, V, D, H (MN: P, O, A)
    -DD (20): M, A, D, Y
    -DS (15): L, B, R, O
    cat - F, M, T, L
    cat - A, F, D, P


    DD (41):
    DH (45): M, J, W, S (LN: J, G, V)
    -DD (13): A, H, S, R
    -DD (10): N, K, C, I
    -DS (8): G, Z, A, R
    dog - G, T, R, N
    cat - I, O, Y, M
    Thomas, Henry, Edwin, Arthur, Ford, Brandt, Isaac, Levi, Aaron, Asa, Graham, William, Soren
    Mary, Cora, Felicity, Catherine, Jane, Celeste, Virginia, Eleanor, Georgiana, Lavinia, Ramona, Louisa, Daphne, Julia, Nadia, May

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    LN: Ford

    DH (75): William Elias Ford
    DW (74): Louisa Miriam Ford

    DD (50): Mary Odette Ford
    DD (48): Rose Vivienne Ford
    DS (45): John David Ford
    DD (41): Sara Penelope Ford

    William & Louisa with Mary, Rose, John, and Sara


    DD (50): Mary Odette Jones
    DH (54): Philip Nathaniel Jones
    -DD (27): Rosalie Tabitha Young
    --DH (26): Thomas James Young
    ---DD (2): Beatrice Mary Young
    ---DS (nb): Simon James Young
    -DS (27): Cedric Timothy Jones
    --DW (30): Caitlin Mallory (Arroyo) Jones
    ---DS (1): Dalton Ryder Jones
    -DD (23): Theresa Cecily Jones
    -DD (19): Catherine Scarlet Jones

    Philip & Mary with Rosalie, Cedric, Theresa, and Catherine
    Thomas & Rosalie with Beatrice and Simon
    Cedric & Caitlin with Dalton


    DD (48): Rose Vivienne Blake
    DH (52): Xavier Edward Blake
    -DS (22): Rowan Theodore Blake
    -DS (21): Ford Joseph Blake
    -DS (17): Sawyer Cameron Blake
    -DS (15): Avery Patrick Blake
    -DS (11): Graham Holden Blake
    dog - Zoe

    Xavier & Rose with Rowan, Ford, Sawyer, Avery, and Graham


    DS (45): John David Ford
    DW (45): Lena Violet (Park) Ford
    -DD (20): Daphne Margaret Ford
    -DS (15): Linus Oliver Ford
    cat - Luffy
    cat - Ace

    John & Lena with Daphne and Linus


    DD (41): Sara Penelope Gray
    DH (45): Matthew Weston Gray
    -DD (13): Anna Susan Gray
    -DD (10): Natalie Catherine Gray
    -DS (8): Aaron Geoffrey Gray
    dog - Rudy
    cat - Otto

    Matt & Sara with Anna, Natalie, and Aaron


    William & Louisa's kids: Mary, Rose, John, and Sara
    William & Louisa's grandkids: Rosalie, Cedric, Theresa, Catherine, Rowan, Ford, Sawyer, Avery, Graham, Daphne, Linus, Anna, Natalie, and Aaron
    William & Louisa's great grandkids: Beatrice, Simon, and Dalton
    Thomas, Henry, Edwin, Arthur, Ford, Brandt, Isaac, Levi, Aaron, Asa, Graham, William, Soren
    Mary, Cora, Felicity, Catherine, Jane, Celeste, Virginia, Eleanor, Georgiana, Lavinia, Ramona, Louisa, Daphne, Julia, Nadia, May

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    DH (75): William Elijah Granger
    DW (74): Evie Linnea Granger

    DD (50): Ivy Marie Granger
    DD (48): Vanna Renee Granger
    DS (45): Daniel James Granger
    DD (41): Penelope Gail Granger


    DD (50): Ivy Marie Granger Jenkins
    DH (54): Oliver Nolan Jenkins
    -DD (27): Catriona Ryan Jenkins Young
    --DH (26): Zane Josiah Young
    ---DD (2): Brenna Hailey Young
    ---DS (nb): Silas William Young
    -DS (27): Caleb Rhett Jenkins
    --DW (30): Kyra May Green Jenkins
    ---DS (1): Damon Penn Jenkins
    -DD (23): Celia Rain Jenkins
    -DD (19): Clair Riley Jenkins


    DD (48): Vanna Renee Granger Partin
    DH (52): Xavier Everett Partin
    -DS (22): Theo Jackson Partin
    -DS (21): Kai Everett Partin
    -DS (17): Cole Nathaniel Partin
    -DS (15): Ace Patrick Partin
    -DS (11): Gage Harrison Partin
    dog - Kurtis


    DS (45): Daniel James Granger
    DW (45): Lara Danielle Orson Granger
    -DD (20): Malia Danielle Granger
    -DS (15): Owen Luke Granger
    cat - Fifer
    cat - Paddington


    DD (41): Penelope Gail Granger Vanover
    DH (45): Michael John Vanover
    -DD (13): Aurelia Shea Vanover
    -DD (10): Nikita Catherine Vanover
    -DS (8): Gavin Alexander Vanover
    dog - Gannon
    cat - Maeve

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    LN: Barker

    DH (75): Ethan Ward Barker
    DW (74): Laura Marie Barker

    DD (50): Marissa Nicole Barker
    DD (48): Veronica Anne Barker
    DS (45): Dustin Edward Barker
    DD (41): Sarah Grace Barker
    DD (50): Marissa Nicole Ryan (Barker)
    DH (54): Kyle Patrick Ryan
    -DD (27): Christina Rose Vance (Ryan)
    --DH (26): Jeremy Tate Vance
    --DD (2): Hailey Gabrielle Vance
    --DS (nb): Weston James Vance
    -DS (27): Sean Thomas Ryan
    --DW (30): Caroline Mary Ryan (Gerhardt)
    ---DS (1): Porter Benjamin Ryan
    -DD (23): Rachel Catherine Ryan
    -DD (19): Taylor Sue Ryan
    DD (48): Veronica Anne Paulsen (Barker)
    DH (52): Evan Xavier Paulsen
    -DS (22): Jacob Thomas Paulsen
    -DS (17): Nathan Michael Paulsen
    -DS (15): Adam David Paulsen
    -DS (11): Hayden Grant Paulsen
    dog - Zane
    DS (45): Dustin Edward Barker
    DW (45): Hannah Victoria Barker (Allen)
    -DD (20): Madeline Daisy Barker "Maddie"
    -DS (15): Bennett Oliver Barker
    cat - Finley
    cat - Poppy
    DD (41): Sarah Grace Gulliver (Barker)
    DH (45): Jared William Gulliver
    -DD (13): Savanna Rose Gulliver
    -DD (10): Chloe Noelle Gulliver
    -DS (8): Garrett Anderson Gulliver
    dog - Troy
    cat - Isa

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    DH (75): Jerome Wright Bingham
    DW (74): Marie Augustine Bingham

    DD (50): Ismay Opal Bingham
    DD (48): Freya Verity Bingham
    DS (45): Jonas Marius Bingham
    DD (41): Gemma Sidonie Bingham


    DD (50): Ismay Opal Rowley
    DH (54): Phineas Oliver Rowley
    -DD (27): Celeste Rowena Vaughan
    --DH (26): Theodore Ellis Vaughan
    ---DD (2): Briony Helena Vaughan
    ---DS (nb): Ivor Sebastian Vaughan
    -DS (27): Charles Robert Rowley
    --DW (30): Katherine May (George) Rowley
    ---DS (1): Benedict Paul Rowley
    -DD (23): Cleo Rosalind Rowley
    -DD (19): Clara Ruby Rowley


    DD (48): Freya Verity Parr
    DH (52): Ephraim Xavier Parr
    -DS (22): Jonathan Russell Parr
    -DS (21): Frederick Kingsley Parr
    -DS (17): Nicholas Merit Parr
    -DS (15): Alistair Edgar Parr
    -DS (11): Gideon Thomas Parr
    dog - Zoe


    DS (45): Jonas Marius Bingham
    DW (45): Louisa Holly (Ayers) Bingham
    -DD (20): Araminta Mary Bingham
    -DS (15): Lysander Oscar Bingham
    cat - Fiona
    cat - Drew


    DD (41): Gemma Sidonie Gardiner
    DH (45): Matthew Jackson Gardiner
    -DD (13): Alma Reverie Gardiner
    -DD (10): Katherine Ivy Gardiner
    -DS (8): Amos Gregory Gardiner
    dog - Redding
    cat - Iona

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