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    Lightbulb Give A Name Some Life! *Signature Game*

    I love writing in-depth about a name and who I envision it to be on.

    I thought I might start a thread where you arbitrarily pick one girl combo "XYZ" and one boy combo "ASD" from the PP's signature and write a few sentences for each pick (or even a paragraph or two ) about the image it evokes and the type of people you think XYZ and ASD would be!

    It would be a fun way to go beyond simple name ratings based on flow or style, or whether you like or dislike a name, and really think about a name in the context of reality (or maybe even a fantasy world?). Let your imagination run loose and have fun with it

    thinking about

    Russell ✴︎ Kitt ✴︎ Lars ✴︎ Felix ✴︎ Roone ✴︎ Lyle ✴︎ Oscar
    Malcolm ✴︎ Frederick ✴︎ Alistair ✴︎ Luther ✴︎ Francis

    Winifred Lilac ✴︎ Esmé Victoria ✴︎ Fia Magdaline ✴︎ Susannah Opal

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    I'll play!

    Charles Frederick- my first image was Prince Harry. Down to the red hair and spunky personality. I can also imagine a dark featured, tall, slender boy/man. Quite proper and sophisticated. Long sleeved shirts and dark jeans/pants. Breif case carrying business man. More of the strong, silent type.

    Paloma Celeste- quite average, a kind and gentle spirit. Mild mannered, but also very opinionated and stubborn in certain subjects and ways. Always smiling and pleasant.
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    This a great idea!

    Brighton Fox - My first thoughts are of a slender child with pointed features and red or red/brown hair with freckles. I feel like he would be rambunctious and quick-witted, for sure.

    Ottilie River - She's high spirited and always on the move. I see Ottilie doing well in sports and always having fun, no matter the situation. She's normally trying to find the humor in everything.
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    Finlay Marin - I can imagine a little dark haired green eye girl about 6 living in a cabin in the woods with her parents.
    Briar Allen - I could see a two year old little boy who loves cars and trucks with this name. I could see him with a little sister called Juniper Annabelle
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    Jupiter Abigail - I see a 3-year-old little girl with short hair in dungarees who loves playing outside and getting muddy! I can imagine her playing in her space themed bedroom with a little brother named Sherman Fox.

    Hudley Atticus - I picture a shy little boy (also 3) who 100% a mummy's boy and always has his little lovey trailing behind him.
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