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    Your name is Felix Benjamin Hunt and you are a 25-year-old pharmacy technician working in the big city of New York. You are studying at a large university with hopes of graduating with your degree in pharmaceutical medicine, but it has been hard juggling work, school, and living on your own. One day while at work, you have a problem filling a prescription so you call the lady on the account, Layla Grace Williams.

    When you call Layla, she seems frazzled and confused, and you try to explain something to her but she keeps talking over you. She finally tells you she will stop by the pharmacy later to sort things out, and you hang up, not thinking much of it. Later that night as you prepare to head home, Layla comes running in, asking hurriedly to talk to the man who called her earlier. You laugh and tell her it was you, and she instantly blushes and becomes sheepish. Apologizing for her disorganization, she explains that she's studying neuroscience at NYU and she tells you she barely has time to get in and get her medicine. You tell her nothing can be done until tomorrow morning, and she seems disappointed. You promise to make it up to her, and ask her if she'd like to get coffee.

    The two of you end up going on a Starbucks run, and taking a walk around Central Park in the freezing, snowy December. Before you know it, it's midnight and Layla has to go home, and you walk her to a taxi cab where you two separate with a kiss on the forehead. When you finally get into your apartment, your mind is running. You cannot believe you met this perfect woman out of the blue!

    The next morning when you wake up, you hurry to get dressed and head to your morning class, where you just cannot get your mind off of Layla. You can't wait to go to work and see her again. When 12 finally rolls around, you eagerly wait for Layla all day, but before you know it, the pharmacy closes and she hasn't come to pick up her medicine. Dejected, you try to call her. She doesn't answer.

    You walk out of work feeling extremely upset and confused. You really thought she was into you, and that something could happen between you two. As you head towards the curb to yield a cab, you see Layla running up the sidewalk, her scarf wrapped messily around her pale neck, her blonde curls twisting under her snowy white cap. She runs to you and gives you a big hug, explaining that she was at class late and could not make it to the pharmacy. You smile and usher her into the cab, which takes you two to your apartment where you spend the rest of the night watching movies and eating all the snacks you can possibly find. The next day, you two become official.

    3 years later, you are celebrating your 28th birthday with your lovely 26-year-old girlfriend Layla, who has organized a small, 15-person dinner at her apartment. Both sets of parents are there, along with siblings and a few close friends. You are now working at a different pharmacy as the Lead Pharmacist, and you've been done with school for a few months. Layla is still studying neuroscience, and looking to find a job once she graduates the following year. Your lives are finally getting to a steady point.

    Layla runs around serving dinner and making sure the guests are entertained while you fidget nervously in your seat the whole night. That ring in your pocket weighs a ton, and you are extremely anxious about proposing, especially in front of all your family and friends. Once Layla sits down after dinner has been served, you feel like the right time is approaching. Before you know it, you're down on your knee asking for her hand in marriage, everyone is clapping and snapping pictures, and Layla is excitedly saying yes!

    The following summer, you two have a June wedding in Central Park with 70 guests. You are 29 and Layla is 27, and the two of you are now both done with school and working steady jobs. Layla changes her name to "Layla Grace Williams-Hunt" and she moves into your cozy 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment.

    2 years go by and nothing changes, but Layla has started to gain some experience and she is offered a job at a larger, private hospital in the suburbs of New York, and the opportunity is irresistible. You have your job transferred to a pharmacy near Layla's hospital, and the two of you find a perfect suburban home with 4 bedroom and 3 bathrooms. You have a great deck, large yard, and a beautiful pool, as well.

    One year after you two move into the house, Layla finds out she is pregnant with your first child. The two of you are overjoyed to be welcoming a child into the world and start creating the perfect nursery for your new baby! Everything is set when Layla goes into labor and delivers a baby girl whom you name after your mothers.

    Her name is Amelie Mathilda Hunt and she is a carbon copy of her mother. She has wispy blonde hair, blue eyes, and skin as pale as snow. Your entire family is in love with Amelie, and she steals everyone's heart. You and Layla are 32 and 30 when she is born.

    Although the two of you talk about expanding your family, you are not able to announce another pregnancy until 4 years later. You welcome a baby girl named Esme Leah Hunt and she takes after you with her brown eyes, brown hair and tan complexion. Even though Esme is the opposite of Amelie, they are both the most beautiful gems in the world. When Esme is born, you are 36, Layla is 34 and Amelie is 4.

    Soon after Esme's birth, Layla finds out she is unexpectedly pregnant with your third child. Although it wasn't planned, it is a blessing from God and right before Esme's first birthday, the two of you welcome son Callum Hugo Hunt whom you call "Cal." You are 37, Layla is 35, Amelie is 5, and Esme is almost one. Cal is a great mix of you and Layla, with blonde hair, pale skin, and brown eyes.

    Five years go by and Layla takes a break from work to stay home with the children in the hopes of welcoming one more child before her childbearing years are over. You two are excited to announce a pregnancy a few weeks after Cal's fifth birthday.

    You welcome son Ezra Finn Hunt and he completes your family. With his beautiful brown hair, blue eyes and pale skin, he is the perfect addition to the Hunt clan. At this point, you are 42, Layla is 40, Amelie is 10, Esme is 6 & Cal is 5. You could not be any happier with your life, and you thank God every day for the gifts he bestowed on you.
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    || Alaga Muhamed Mumin || Rijad Ilijas Mumin || Elham Ibrahim Džan ||

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    LN: Williams

    DH: Seth Matthew
    DW: Lexi Bella

    DD: Amelie Molly
    DD: Hollie Zarah
    DS: Luke Hunter
    DS: Finn Ezra

    Lexi is a Scottish emigrant with ginger hair and blue eyes. She is tall and curvy. She lives in Augusta, Maine.
    Lexi is a 23-year-old shop assistant at Wallmart when she meets Seth Williams at work - he is her client and they start dating. Seth is an Afro-American 25-year-old lad with hazel eyes who works as a school psychologist at a high school in the city. Soon Lexi and Seth realise they are born for each other and go steady.

    They don't need plenty of time to get engaged, Seth proposes to Lexi on her birthday party in front of all the guests. Lexi is surprised but accepts anyway. They have two weddings - one in Scotland with Lexi's family and friends from college and one in Augusta with Seth's friends. Their honeymoon is in Greece and it continues 4 months. After returning home from Greece, Lexi finds out she's pregnant.

    On February 4th, Amelie Molly Williams is born. She has brownish skin and light brown hair. Her birth matches with the moving to their new house with 5 bedrooms and a garden. Lexi quits work and becomes a stay-at-home mom. When Amelie is only at 14 months, Lexi realises she's pregnant again.

    Hollie Zarah Williams in born on May 16th, when Amelie is two. She looks the same as her sister, only her eyes are bright blue. Seth gets a promotion at work and they decide to get a dog. The dog is called Astoria and is a Norwegian Elkhound.

    When Amelie is 4 and Hollie is 2, on April 12th, Lexi gives birth to a son, Luke Hunter Williams. Astoria gives birth to 3 puppies which the family gives to friends.

    After 10 years, Amelie is 14, Hollie is 12, Luke is 10 and Lexi is unexpectedly pregnant again. On April 17th, Finn Ezra Williams is born. With that, the family's complete.

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    On my mind: Lina ☼ Eva ☼ Lucia ☼ Indigo ☼ Venice ☼ Verona

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    rita margaret || hazel presley || stella jude || lane michelle || coralie mary || november marie

    john charles || ezra joseph || sawyer patrick || ryder frederick || peyton wyatt

    names i like: veda, gunnar, elizabeth, vance, september, tate, arabella

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    Boys: Bellamy | Bruno | Caspar | Jude | Kennedy | Kitt | Ludo | Samuel | Stellan | William | Xavier

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