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    Larissa is LA RISS AH
    and I have always Ione IOH NEE

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    Quote Originally Posted by jennipea382 View Post
    Interesting.. this one stood out to me:

    Ariadne {air-ee-ad'-nee} or ah-ree-odd-nee is the common pronunciation now.

    I've never hear the "new" common pronunciation.. but then again I guess I've never heard it out loud. I've always said air-ee-add-nee. Weird to me that people pronounce it the other way O.o
    Ditto this! Also I was proud of myself that I pronounced most of these correctly intuitively. Iphigenia is one that I've heard two ways as well - Iff-ih-GEE-nee-ah or Iff-uh-juh-NYE-ah, though I prefer the second.
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    I agree that people should learn how to say names correctly that being said, if we pronounce it a different way it could be an indication of what other people are going to call your child. IE: Circe - I would want to know that she'll get Sirce all the time and not {sur'-see}.
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    mollykat -- Larissa is pronounced that way in English, not in Greek. And just because you've heard Ione pronounce that way doesn't mean it's correct, it means its an accepted mispronunciation.

    the others mentioned:

    Tyche -- I've heard a lot of people say tie-kee and tee-kee is closer to the traditional
    Hesperia -- hes-PEAR-ee-ah
    Iole -- ee-oh-lee
    Khione -- key-oh-nee
    Iolanthe -- IO is never pronounced YO in Greek. ee-oh-lan-thee

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    I was always taught that "th" was pronounced "t" in Greek.

    Ae is "ee" in Greek as opposed to the long i sound as it is in Latin? Lots of good work here but it should have been done as a blog, I think.

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