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    How to pronounce Greek Mythological Names

    I see them all over the forums and as someone who speaks Greek, knows a lot of Greek people, and worshiped the Greek Gods, I get a little frustrated to see people mispronouncing them and then telling me that I'm wrong (even with all those qualifications up there) so I hope people don't get offended but I'd like people to know how to properly say these names. I realize that some, like Hermione, aren't going to be pronounced the Greek way due to Harry Potter, or Ione which is commonly pronounced eye-oh-nee in english, but here's my 2 cents. If there's something I fail to mention in this post, feel free to ask about it in the comments ^_^

    Acheron {ack-uh-ron}
    Achilles {uh-kil'-eez}
    Actaeon {ak'-tee-uhn}
    Adrasteia {a-dras'-tee-uh}
    Aeacus {ee'-uh-kuhs}
    Aegisthus {ay'-gis-thus}
    Aeolus {ee'-oh-luhs}
    Agamemnon {ag-uh-mem'-nahn}
    Aganippe {ag'-uh-nip-ee}
    Aias {i'-uhs}
    Al Borak {al baw'-rak}
    Alcestis {al-kes'-tis}
    Alcinous {al-ki'-no-uhs}
    Alcyone {al-kee'-oh-nee}
    Amaltheia {am-al-thee'-uh}
    Ambrosia {am-broh'-zhuh}
    Amphitryon {am-fi'-tree-ahn}
    Ananke {a'-nan-kee}
    Andromeda {an-drahm'-uh-duh}
    Antaeus {an-tee'-uhs}
    Antilochus {an-til'--o-kuhs}
    Antinous {an-tee'-no-uhs}
    Antiope {an-tee'-oh-pee}
    Aphrodite {af-roh-dy'-tee}
    Apollo {a-pol'-lo}
    Arachne {uh-rak'-nee}
    Ares {air'-eez}
    Arethusa {ar-uh-thoo'-zuh}
    Ariadne {air-ee-ad'-nee}
    Aristaeus {air-ee-sta'-uhs}
    Artemis {ahr'-tuh-mis}
    Asclepius {as-kleh'-pee-uhs}
    Astyanax {as-tie'-a-naks}
    Athena {a-thee'na}
    Atreus {ay'-tree-uhs}
    Augeas {aw-jee'-uhs}
    Automedon {aw-tom'idon}

    Bellerophon {beh-lair'-oh-fone}
    Boreas {bohr'-ee-uhs}
    Briseis {bri-say'-is}

    Cabiri {kah-be're}
    Calchas {kal'-kuhs}
    Callisto {kuh-lees'-toh}
    Calypso {ka-lip'-so}
    Cassandra {kuh-san'-druh}
    Cassiopeia {kas-ee-oh-pee'-uh}
    Cecrops {kee'-krohps}
    Cephalus {kef'-ah-luhs}
    Cerberus {kehr'-behr-uhs}
    Charon {kar'-uhn}
    Charybdis {kar-ib'-dis}
    Chiron {kee'-rone}
    Circe {keer'-kee}
    Clytemnestra {kly-tem-nes'-truh}
    Cronus {kroh'-nuhs}
    Cylleneius {kee-leh'nee-uhs}

    Danae {dah'-nay}
    Danaus {dan'-ay-uhs}
    Demeter {deh-mee'-tur}
    Deucalion {due-kay'-lee-uhn}
    Dido {dy'-doh}
    Diomedes {dy-oh-meed'-eez}
    Dionysus {dy-uh-ny'-suhs}
    Dodona {doh-doh'-nuh}

    Echidna {e-kid'nah}
    Echo {ek'o}
    Elara {ee-lah'-ruh}
    Electra {ee-lek'-truh}
    Enceladus {en-kell'-ah-dus}
    Endymion {en-dim'-ee-uhn}
    Eos {ee'-ahs}
    Epimetheus {ep-ee-mee'-thee-us}
    Erebus {air'-eh-buhs}
    Erechtheus {ir-ek'-thee-uhs}
    Eris {air'-ees}
    Eros {air'-ohs}
    Eumenides {u-men'-ee-dez}
    Europa {yur-oh'-puh}
    Eurynome {ue-rin'-ah-mee}

    Gaia {guy'-uh}
    Galatea {gal-uh-tee'-uh}
    Gemini {jem'-in-y}
    Glaucus {glaw'-kuhs}

    Hades {hay'-deez}
    Hebe {hee'-bee}
    Hecate {hek'-a-tee}
    Hector {hek'-tur}
    Hecuba {hek'-yoo-buh}
    Helen {hel'-en}
    Helenus {hel'-uh-nuhs}
    Helios {hee'-lee-ohs}
    Hephaestus {heh-fays'-tuhs}
    Hera {hair'-uh}
    Hermaphroditus {hair-maf-roh-dy'-tuhs}
    Hermes {hair'-meez}
    Hermione {hair-me'-oh-nee and the common pronunciation is hur-my-oh-nee}
    Hero and Leander {heer'-oh, lee-an'-dur}
    Hesperides {hes-pair'-i-deez}
    Hestia {hes'-tee-uh}
    Himalia {hy-mal'-ee-uh}
    Hippolyta {hi-pahl'-i-tah}
    Hippolytus {hi-pahl'-i-tuhs}
    Hyacinthus {hy-uh-kin'-thuhs}
    Hygieia {hy-jee'-uh}
    Hyperion {hy-peer'-ee-uhn}

    Ianthe {ee-an-thee}
    Icarus {ik'aruhs}
    Io {ee'-oh}
    Ione {ee-oh-nee}
    Iphigenia {eef-ee-jeh-nee'-uh}
    Iris {i'-ris}
    Irus {i-ruhs}
    Ixion {iks'-ee-ahn}

    Laestrygones {lay-stri-go'-nees}
    Lamia {lahm'-ee-uh}
    Laomedon {lay-ahm'-eh-dahn}
    Larissa {la'-ree-suh}
    Leda {leh'-dah}
    Lethe {lee'-thee}
    Leto {lee'-toh}
    Lotophages {lo-to-fag'-es}
    Lysithea {ly-see'-thee-uh}

    Maenads {may'-nadz}
    Marsyas {mahr-see-uhs}
    Medea {meh-dee'-uh}
    Medusa {meh-doo'-suh}
    Meleager {mel-ee-ay'-jur}
    Memnon {mem'-nahn}
    Menelaus {men-uh-lay'-uhs}
    Metis {meh'-tis}
    Midas {my'-duhs}
    Mimas {my'-mas}
    Minos {my'-nuhs}
    Mnemosyne {nemoz'eenee}
    Morpheus {mohr'-fee-uhs}

    Naiads {ni'-ads}
    Narcissus {nahr-kis'-uhs}
    Nemesis {nem'-uh-sis}
    Neoptolemus {nee-ahp-tahl'-eh-muhs}
    Nereids {neh'-reeds}
    Nereus {nee'-reh-uhs}
    Nestor {nes'-tur}
    Nike {ny'-kee}
    Niobe {ny'-oh-bee}


    Odysseus {oh-dis'-ee-uhs}
    Orestes {ohr-es'-teez}
    Orion {oh-ry'-uhn}
    Orpheus {ohr'-fee-uhs}

    Palamedes {pal-uh-meed'-eez}
    Pandora {pan-dohr'-uh}
    Paris {par'-ees}
    Patroclus {pa-tro'-kluhs}
    Pegasus {peg'-uh-suhs}
    Peleus {pe-lay'-uhs}
    Pelops {pee'-lahps}
    Penelope {puh-nel'-uh-pee}
    Persephone {pur-sef'-uh-nee}
    Perseus {pur'-see-uhs}
    Phaeton {fay'-ton}
    Philoctetes {fil-ahk-tee'-teez}
    Philomela {fil-oh-mee'-luh}
    Phobos {fo'-bos}
    Phoebe {fee'-bee}
    Phoenix {fee'-niks}
    Pirithous {py-rith'-oh-uhs}
    Pleiades {plee'-uh-deez}
    Polyphemus {pah-lee-fee'-muhs}
    Poseidon {puh-sy'-duhn}
    Priam {pri'-am}
    Prometheus {proh-mee'-thee-uhs}
    Proteus {proh'-tee-uhs}
    Psyche {sy'-kee}
    Pygmalion {pig-mayl'-ee-uhn}
    Pyramus {peer'-uh-muhs


    Rhea {ray-uh}

    Sarpedon {sahr-peh'-duhn}
    Satyrs {say'-tur}
    Sciron {ski'ron}
    Scylla {skil'-uh}
    Selene {suh-leh'-nee -- though pronouncing it sel-leen isn't such a big deal
    Semele {sem'-uh-lee}
    Sibyl {sib'-ul}
    Silenus {sy-leh'-nuhs}
    Sinon {si'non}
    Sinope {see'-noh-pee}
    Sisyphus {sis'-i-fuhs}
    Styx {stiks}


    Tantalus {tan'-tuh-luhs}
    Tartarus {tahr'-tuh-ruhs}
    Telemachus {tuh-lem'-a-kuhs}
    Tethys {teh'-thees}
    Thalassa {thuh-lass'-uh}
    Thaylia -- {thay'-lee-uh}
    Thanatos {than'-uh-tohs}
    Thebe {thee'-bee}
    Theseus {thee'-see-uhs}
    Thetis {thee'-tis}
    Thisbe {thiz'-bee}
    Tiresias {ty-ree'-see-uhs}
    Triton {tryt'-uhn}


    Xanthe -- {zan'-thee}

    Zeus {zoos}
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