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    May 2012
    Can't wait to leave, Oklahoma
    Ella Frances (Ella of Frell, favorite book character)
    Clara Louise (My initials)
    Shawn Anderson (Person who inspires me)
    Jeremy Michael (Jeremy Jordan, favorite actor)
    Zachary David and Owen Nicholas (B/B twins)
    Irene Victoria, Quinn Hannah, and Ryan Ulysses (G/G/B triplets)
    Xander William and Penelope Beth (B/G twins)
    Ysabel Grace and Tempest Kay (G/G twins)
    Catherine, an actress, dancer, singer, brainiac with a guilty pleasure of names.
    Current favorites: Lilliana Joy, Marley Sophia, Isabella Diane, Gabrielle Jolie, Charlotte Amelia, Callista Berlin, Hope Adrienne, Isis Amelie, Austen Elisabeth, Jetta Blue; Wesley Owen, Benson Chase, Matthew Keaton, Brandon Kyle, Carson Gabriel, Elias Marshall, Anderson Cade, Xander Hale, Josiah Henry, Spencer Steven

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    Third rule: You can go in any order you want, but you must follow these guidelines:

    A single child named after someone who inspires you: Pearl Justine

    A single child named after your favorite actor/actress: Heath Taylor

    A single child named after a favorite book character: Lena Mare

    A single child with your initials (first & middle initials or first & last initials): Silas Edwin

    Three set of twins; one B/B & one B/G & one G/G

    B/B: Beau Frederick, Callum Grey

    B/G: David Nathaniel, Iona Xanthe

    G/G: Anita Kay, Olive Quincy

    A set of triplets

    Rilla Tamsin, Una Yael, Willa Vivian

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    Jul 2012
    A single child named after someone who inspires you - Gabriel Quinn

    A single child named after your favorite actor/actress - Meryl Ophelia

    A single child named after a favorite book character - Holden Tobias

    A single child with your initials (first & middle initials or first & last initials) - Irina Kate

    Three set of twins:

    B/B: Silas Eliot & Jonah Ulysses
    B/G: Luka Noel & Xenia Dae
    G/G: Viviana Yelena & Zora Cecilia

    A set of triplets: Alora Beth, Fiona Rae & Willow Polina

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    Boy: Albus Quentin -- (favorite book character: Albus Dumbledore)
    Boy: Tristan Jared -- (favorite actor: Jared Tristan Padalecki)
    Girl: Lucy Kathryn -- (inspirational person: a little girl who is fighting cancer)
    Girl: Schuyler Verity -- (my first and last initials)
    Boy/Girl twins: Helios Zane & Persephone Urania
    Girl/Girl twins: Gwendolyn Nerys & Bronwyn Owena
    Boy/Boy twins: Ethan Yardley & William Xavier
    Boy/Boy/Girl triplets: Cullen Malcolm, Ian Ross, & Fiona Darby

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    Apr 2012
    Boy1: Tyler Lucas My initials (TL) AND favorite book character (Tyler from Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson)
    Girl1: Abigail Ryan
    Boy2/Boy3: Evan Michael/Dylan Peter B/B twins
    Girl2: Isabel Kristy Person who inspires me (my friend Kristy)
    Girl3/Girl4: Samantha Quinn/Bridgette Unna G/G twins
    Boy4/Girl5/Girl6: Owen Chris/Gianna Haley/Veronica Willow triplets
    Boy5: Nathan Xavier
    Boy6/Girl7: Jackson Frank/Zoey Yasmin B/G twins AND favorite actor (Jackson Rathbone)
    "There is always a crack of light in the darkness. Find it." -Dianna Agron

    Georgia Grace, Charlie Anne, Sophia Carter, Declan James, Alexander Michael and Nathaniel Thomas.

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