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    Luca Emrys, Milo Knightley, & Jude Faramond
    Alice Nivian & Henry Ronan
    Ingrid Yseult
    Xena Theresa & Zelda Charlotte
    Quesnel Bradbury
    Delta Valentine
    Ulric Sulien & Phelan Wilder
    October Galina

    Initials - AN
    Actress - Ingrid Bergman
    Book Character - Mr. Knightley
    Inspiration - Ray Bradbury

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    DS: Lawrence Cooper (after Jennifer Lawrence)
    DD: Fleur Emeline (after my initials)
    DD/DD: Keira Valentina / Natalie Zara
    DS: John William (after my father, John)
    DS/DD: Sawyer David / Ivy Xia
    DS: Rudy Oliver (after my favourite book character, Rudy Steiner)
    DS/DS: Asher Theo / Gale Upton
    DD/DD/DD: Beatrice Ysobel / Peyton Mariannne / Quinn Haven
    Florence, med student, writer and name lover.

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    18. Poet. Student. Slytherin.

    Amory Arabella Aurore Cordelia Delacour Delphine Dominique Evadne Fleur Flora Ginevra Hermione Honour Irene Iris Jillian Juliet Leolin Lyra Mallory Meredith Minerva Ophelia Petra Poppy Rosalie Rowena Tessa Vasilisa Verity Victoire Vivienne

    Alistair Arlo Benedict Cedric Clark Dean Dexter Dominic Draco Edmund Evander Fabian Frederick George Gideon Hugo James Jude Klaus Knight Leander Lorcan Louis Michael Miles Nico Peter Prewett Remus Spencer Theodore

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