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Thread: Wanda?

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    I just heard about a little girl named Wanda in our area.

    I'm curious as to what your reaction would be if you heard this name on a little girl.

    My reaction was "That's interesting." I'm not sure if it was a family name, but I think she wears it well.

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    That's an unexpected name! My initial thought was of the character from the Magic School Bus videos named Wanda . I'm usually open to names that might be described as "dated," but this would be an exception. I think it would be hard to modernize Wanda. That being said, some kids have a knack for making a not-so-great name seem cute and fresh.

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    I agree, that is unexpected. I don't love it. Sure, it's unique, but I personally have a hard time picturing it on a young girl today.
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    To be honest, the first things I think of are an old lady and the fairy god mother on Fairly Odd Parents. I don't think it's a horrible name, it just doesn't have great associations.
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    A fish named?
    I admit, my first fish' name was Wanda, I am therefore very attracted to it!
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