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    Name: Mackinzie Gabriella Clark "Kinzie" *24

    ~You have always loved helping people and helping children so when you quit your boring office job you see the perfect advertisement, a Teenage Mum guidance group you apply straight away and get the job!
    You start your job at (Mommy Management) centre and are nervous but the previous worker (Cathy) says its great the only reason she is leaving is that she is going on maternity leave.

    How many mums is in the group? Six
    1. Lauren Emily *16- Joshua "Josh" William
    2. Lexie Sofia *18- Aisling Nicole, Chloe Madison
    3. Zoe Eve *17-Ryan Thomas, Rhys Andrew
    4. Megan Olivia *18- Maya Taylor
    5. Courtney Alyssa *17- Aiden Lucas
    6. Summer Jessica *17- Isabella "Bella" Skye

    ~You become fond of one girl (Summer) she is the quietest of the group, you see her often in the street and wave but she just keeps walking. One day after class you ask her to wait behind you try and talk to her but she starts crying and reveals that she and (Bella) are homeless. You go into shock and tell her that she can stay as long as she needs at yours she can't thank you anymore.

    (5) months later everything's going well (Summer) has got her own job and you still work at The centre, but (Summer) reveals she is pregnant again!
    Your disappointed but can't abandon her and her baby

    6 months later when she is at work there's a knock at the door a man is there you think it is the baby's dad and lay into him but he is reavealed to be (Summers) brother (Sam)' and he is quite handsome. He says he had never met her and has tracked her down, because he has bad news there mum has died.

    (Summer) walks in and hears the news and breakdown she is in so much shock she goes into labour she is 9 weeks early!

    Does the baby live?Generate number
    ODD: The baby lives.

    What is the babies gender?Generate number
    ODD: Girl
    What is the baby name? Kayzlie Paige
    Name Addict

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