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    Which of these names do you prefer?

    Hi there,

    Our daughter (we already have an elder son and daughter) is nearly a week old and we are having real trouble agreeing on a name. Can you please vote on your favourite out of these:


    It would also be helpful if you could let us know where you live, just to get an idea of how the names are viewed in different countries.

    Thanks very much for your help!

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    Well, I guess it really depends on the names of your other children, but my favorite is either Violet or Thea.

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    My favorites is Violet because it's classic and sweet. I also like Iris, but I always think of the iris of your eye, not the iris flower! Honestly, though, I think any of these names would work well.

    I'm from the U.S., by the way.
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    I think Violet and Thea are my favorite out of this list but they are all pretty. I live in the U.S.

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    My favourites are Violet and Thea. They're both beautiful, feminine names. But I don't know what your other kids' names are, so I don't know how they'd fit with your other children.
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