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    While on vacation in Greece with your siblings, Preston Victor, Ellie Rose, and Kyle Elijah, you meet Jameson Ezra Davis. It turns out he lives right near you! Once you get back to your home in Tennessee, you go on a date with him. 2 years later, you are engaged to him! He proposes to you with a romantic speech about how much he loves you and gets down on one knee, saying he asked your parents and now he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

    1 year after your wedding in his barn on the outskirts of Franklin and your 2 week honeymoon in Australia, you are pregnant!!! You have a baby girl! Her middle name has to do with the place you went to on your honeymoon.
    Daughter #1: Savannah Adelaide

    Five months after you had Savannah, you discover you are pregnant again! This time you have b/b/g triplets. They lost Daughter #2's heartbeat for a second, but she was perfectly fine thankfully!!!! You name the baby girl what you felt when you found out she was fine. You honor people in your family with the boy's middle names.
    Son #1: Lucas James
    Son #2: Thomas Ezra
    Daughter #2: Edith Mabel

    After trying to have more kids for two years, you find out that you are pregnant with a baby girl! You give her a nature name.
    Daughter #3: Lily Violet

    Three years after you have your baby, you find out that you are pregnant again! But, this time, you have b/b/b/g/g/g sextuplets!!!! You relate the girls names in some way and the boys have musician names.
    Son #3: Andrew Mason
    Son #4: Angus Hunter
    Son #5: Alastair Logan
    Daughter #4: Arabella Blaire
    Daughter #5: Addalyn Caroline
    Daughter #6: Anastasia Sydney

    After you have your 11 children, your husband gets a new job! His new job is a neurosurgeon and it requires you to move to the city. Once you move to your new home, you discover you are pregnant once again! This time you have twins! One boy and one girl! You can name them anything you want.
    Son #6: Reuben Chandler
    Daughter #7: Sadie Clara
    Mom of Kenton, Harper, and Pierce

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