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    Your Name: Harlow Teagan Miller

    You are 21 years old, fresh out of college. You just met a new guy and you are as happy as can be.
    What's his name? Blake Daniel Reed

    How did you meet?
    Through a mutual friend

    On your first date, things get a little crazy. You wake up and realize you are in his bed. You quickly run out of his apartment, knowing you had run out of birth control. He calls and asks where you went, but you just can't pick up the phone. Over the next couple weeks, you can't get yourself to talk to him. One day he shows up at your apartment, upset that you hadn't talked to him. You listen for a minute then shout out, "I'M PREGNANT!" You run into his arms and start bawling. He assures you that he's not mad, just shocked. 9 months later you give birth to a healthy baby boy.
    What's his name? Jake Nathan

    A year later, you and your BF are proud parents. You decide to get married for the sake of your family.

    Where do you get married?

    You then go on a romantic honeymoon to Hawii where you remember your first date night. You end up pregnant! You give birth to twin girls.
    What are their names? Ellie Mae and Elsie Maeve

    A month later, DH falls sick. What does he have?

    Two months later, he passes away. You are now alone with 3 young children. You decide to move in with your parents for their help.
    Where do you move? San Diego,California

    One night, you go to the bar to drink away your sorrows. You go home with a random guy. You wake up, afraid you are pregnant. Thankfully, your birth control pulls through. You go home, ashamed of what you have done.

    One year later, you've met a new guy. His name is Charles. You are in love. You decide to get married after only 7 months of dating. After your honeymoon, you find out you are pregnant. You give birth to a baby boy.
    What's his name? Nate William

    Three months later, your little sister is pregnant and she wants you to have the baby.
    What's your sister's name? Melissa Violet

    How old is she?

    She gives birth to a baby girl who you adopt and name Bethany.

    A year later after moving to a new house, you and your husband file for divorce. He can't handle your 5 kids. You start to regret making such a fast decision about getting married. You vow to never marry again.

    Three years later, your opinion has changed. You have been happily married to Nathan Kyle for a year. He has 2 kids, a son and a daughter. On your anniversery night, you try for a baby. You have twins boys!
    What are your step-kids names? George Nathan and Lucy Marlow
    What are your babies names? Aidan Mark and Alex Carl

    Four months later, your neighbor is pregnant. She doesn't even know the name of the father. She can't handle a baby, and asks you to take the baby in. You agree. She gives birth to a little girl with a disability 9 months later.
    Whats her name? Paige Brooke

    What's her disibility?

    After you adopt the baby, you and DH move to a big house with rooms for all of your kids.

    Three years later, you can't get pregnant but want another baby. You and DH decide to adopt from another country.

    Where do you adopt from?
    Girl from Mexico

    What's their name? Cora Mae

    You and DH love happily ever after with your 11 kids!

    Me: Harlow Teagan Miller
    DH: Blake Daniel Reed (Deceased)
    DS: Jake Nathan
    DD:Ellie Mae
    DD:Elsie Maeve
    DH: Charles Micheal
    DS:Nate William
    Sister:Melissa Violet
    DS:George Nathan
    DD:Lucy Marlow
    DS:Aidan Mark
    DS:Alex Carl
    DD:Paige Brooke
    DD:Cora Mae
    Blessed with 2 little rascals:

    My Treacherous Twins

    Sadie Mae and Reagan Louisa

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